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OCTOBER 15—20, 1846. 







1. G. VV. Tliompson. 2. James McDanicI. 

3. C. W. Skinner. 

J. J. Finch, Rec. Sf Cor. Secretary. 

J. S. Purify, Treasurer. 


Located at Raleigh^ JY. C. 

J. J. Finch, Thomas Meredith, B. S. Williams, 

Calvin Graves, J. J. James, N. J. Palmer, 

John Kerr, jr., J. S. Purify, W. W. Vass, 

J. J. BiggSj P. F. Pesciid, J. F. Jordan, 

M. B. Royster, James Dennis, G. W. Purify. 


Located at Yanceyville, JV. C. 

Samuel Wait, J. J. James, J. Kerr, jr. 

Calvin Graves, N. J. Palmer, Sidne}- S. Lea, 

William Russell, T. W* Graves, J. R. Graves, 

William Lea, Albert Paiillo, 'J'. J. Valentine, 

Elias Dodson, Albert Yancey, Philip Hadnctl. 


Located at Wake Forest College^ JV. C. 

William Hooper, Samuel Waif, John B. White, 

Wm. T. Brooks, Thomas Crocker, J. S. Pmifv, 

Wm. H. Jordan, Wm. Crenshaw, G. W. Thompson 

M. Thompson, Guilford Lewis, J. J. James, 

L. H. Hinton, Win. Jones, T. B. Bnrncll. 



Thursday, Oct. 13th, 1846. 

The Ccnvention convened in the Baptist Church in Raleigh at 
3 o'clock P. M. Rev. Thomas Meredith, the former President, 
toolc the chair and read the 72nd Psalm, after which he led in 

J. B. White and Win. T. Brooks were appointed a committee 
on Finance. 

Delegates were tlien called on to report themselves and were 
enrolled as follows: 




ixaleigli Association — J. C. JNlarcum, D. S Williams, E. 
Holland, T. Crocker, L. H. Hinton, J. b. Pu- 
rity, L DuPre. 

Beulah Asso'n— E. Dodson, T. D.Oldham. 0. Wallace, A. 
Timberlake, J. Settle, T. W. Graves, J. Kob- 
eilson, S F. Faiicett, B. Graves, S. Gentry, J. 
]M. Lindsay, Z. Neal, T. J. Voleiiline. A. 
Graves, J. J. Yarboroiio;h, J. J. James, W. A. 
Whitfield, E. \V. West, J. Kerr, S. Wait, W. 
Uusseli, K. W. Lawson, S. S. Lea, N. J. Palm- 
er, P. Hadiiett. Z. Palillo, S. VVhilled, S. H. 
Kelson, J. Keilding, H. A. Howard, C. Brooks. 

Sandy Creek Asso. — Wm. Lineberry, Jno. Thomjisoii. 

Pee Dee U. M- Dixon Ingram, 

Wake Forest Ch — S. Wail, J. B White, M. T. Yates. J. 
M. aierriam, J. P. Montague, S. G. O'Bnan, 
W. L. Crocker, Wm. Jordan, H. B. Folk, A. 
McDowell, A. R. Vann, J. C. Everett, G. M. 
L. Finch, J. B. Jackson, \V. T. Waltiers. 

Societv of Inqniry, Wm. T. Brooks, 

Raleigh Ch.— J. J. Finch, T. iMeredith, M. B Royster, 
W. W. Vass, J. F. Jordan, J. J. Biggs. T. 
Jenkin.«, J. D. Nunn, J. K. King, G. W. Col- 
lins. P. F. Pescud. 

Conoconary Ch. 
Western Convention, 
Piney Grove Miss. Soc 
Perry's Chapel, 
llicird Dowd, 
Bethel ch. 
S. S. Biddle, 
\'eopim Ch., 

E. Powell. 

Wm. Lineberry. 

E. Howell. 

Levin Perry. 

Wm. Jones. 

C. W. Skinner. 

S S Biddle. 

C W Skinner. 
L'nion A.sso.— J JMcDanicI, A J Battle, C C Gates, F B 

Newbern Ch. K Fiirman, E C'ark, J C Stevenson 
Smitlr.-i Ch., G M Thompson. 

Holly Spring. 



Fair View. 
South Quay. 
Chapel Hill. 






Haywood Mis So. J Solomaii. Lni)isl)uig. 

Taiboio' cli., iM Ik-iiiielt. Taiboro'. 

Fellowship cli , C Ko^rer;'. 

Conconl cl). Wm V Claik, 

Bellii'l ch , K NewUm. 

Flat Rock ch., Isaac Winston. Frankliulon. 

Hester's ch., JI Hester, T I> Ciiiiin. Oxford. 

Mt. Gilliad Mis. Soc. II M Dawson. C inton. 

I.^land Ford, Rlaik IVlay. Walnut Lane. 

Cedar Kork ch.— J Hudson, A j"\lc(k'C, K WilhcrsjK on, 

A S Jones, J. 
Chowan Asso.— K Forl.s, Ji Si)ei-;;iit. .1 C Barkley, LSan- 

deriin, W StallinKs, S J Wheeler. ' Murfrccsfioro. 

Pleasant Grove cii., G C Moore. St. JolinV. 

JSandy Kun ch., A M Craig Hrilton's^; K's 

Cole i{ain ch , J Nowell, J Hrilon, J Wilson. Cole l^ain. 

Conarilsa ch , W W Mitclieil. ^t. John's. 

Bertie U. M., J L Grimes. 

Peedee U. Ch , W T Williams, Dixon Ingram. Lilesvillo. 

Smithfield ch, W li Mooie. Smithfield. 

Libeity Aiso, J» J Devin. Le.\in<i;ton. 

Yadkin Asso, J B Kohy. Walnut Lane. 

Flat River Asso, Wm H Jordan, T B Barnelt. Abram's Pla's. 

Tar River Asso, J B Solomon. Ltnisburg. 

Tablxs' Creek ch. \V Parham. Oxford. 

Cathie church, J S Taylor. Windsor. 

Beulah, «' M C Blount. Clinton. 

Louisburg " G Lewis. Louisbtirg. 

Pee Dee Asso, A N Nicholson. IJockinsham. 

Carlhled<^e Cieek ch, A Dockery. Dockcry's S'e. 

Sandy, Cross " Q H Trotman. 

On motion, proceeded to the nppointment of ofTicers. Rev. 
Thomas Meredith was elected President. J. B. White, J. J. 
James, and N. J. Palmer were appointed a committee to nominate 
the other officers of the Convention, including the Board of Man- 

J. J. Finch, J. J. Biggs, and Levin Perry were appointed a 
committee on religious services, during the session of the Conven- 

The Convention concurred in the arrangement of business as 
published in the Recorder. 

N. J. Palmer presented a resolution relating to missions which 
was laid on the table. 

W. W. Vass was appointed assistant Secretary. 

Adjourned until to morrow morning, 9 o'clock. Prayer by Rev . 
J, J. James. 

Thursday night at 7 o'clock the Introductory sermon, accord- 
ing to appointment, was preached by Rev, A\'"m. T. Brooks, of 
Wake Forest College, from 1 C^or. x. 31. 


Friilmj D <,\Jod\ .7. M. 

CoiivciUlon met. President read the I9ili Ps., and Kev. .1. H. 
Taylor led in prayer. 

On motion it was made the duty of the committee on Finance 
to ascertain who are delegates to this Convention. 

Messentrers from corresponding bodies being invited In report 
themselves, Rev. J. B. Taylor appeared for the Foreign IMission 
lioard of S. B. C. and H, K, Ellyson for the Genl. Association of 

The committee to nominate olTlcers for the Convention report- 
ed and were discharged. 

The Report of the Board was called for and read by the Secre- 

N. J. Palmer, J. G. Barkley, W. T. Brooks, Pv. Fiirman and 
Wm. Jones, were appointed on that part of the Report which re- 
lates to changes in onr organization. 

J. J. James, J. McDaniel, and C. W. Skinner, were appointed 
on the part which relates to Beneficiaries. 

A J. Battle, S. S. Biddle, and B. Graves, were appointed on 
that part which relates to auxiliaries. 

On motion, the Constitution and by-laws were read by the Sec- 

Moved that the report of the standing committee on Foreign 
IMissions be taken up to-morrow at 1 o'clock A M., and the re- 
ports of the other standing committees in regular succesion after. 

The committee on auxiliaries were instructed to report on ver- 
bal alterations in the report of the Board. 

D. S. Williams, Wm. Lineberry, and J. J. Biggs were appoint- 
ed to recommend a place and preachers for the next Convention. 

Moved that the committee on organization report early to-mor- 
row morning. 

Adjourned till to morrow morning 9 o'clock. 

Prayer by Rev. R. Furman. 

Saturday 9 o'doch, A. M. 

Convention met according to adjournment. The 103 Ps. was 
read by the President, and Rev. J. McDa.iiel led in prayer. 

The committee on organization reported, recommending the or- 
panization of three Boards, viz: one for Home Missions, one for 
Foreign Missions, and one for Education, to be located in difTerent 
sections of the State, and to consist of fifteen members each. The 
Home Mission Board to attend to the destitution of our own State ; 
the Foreign l\rission Board to co-operate with the Foreign ]\Iiss- 
ion Board of the Southern Baptist Convention ; and the Education 
Board to the education of young men preparing for the ministry ; 
each Board to appoint its own officers, adopt its own by-laws and 
regulations, and five members to constitute a quorum for the trans- 
action of business. 


Tlio [Jopnrt \v;is received, tlio cominitlec tlischnrged, and \hr 
rec'oinnieudiUioiis ivorc eoiicurred in l)y Uie Coiivciilioii. 

O.i molioii, bro. Tnylor's nnme was added lo the tlele^alion 
fDin tlic Ueiieriil Associiilion of Vj. 

T. Crocker, A. J. B;Ut'e and S. J, Wliecler were appointed to 
propose siicli eliaiiges in the Constitulion as nf>ay be nectssary to 
adapt it to llie recommendations in the Report on organization. 

The Report fronn the standing corniniitee on Foreign Missions 
was read hv Rev, J. J. James, and after remarUs by brethren Tay- 
lor and Yates-, it was received and oidercd lo be published witli 
the ^liiiutes. It was as follows : 

Tnc Commllteo on Foreign Mission? I)ej; leave to make the follow- 
hvr re'jKir: : — Our eiUcrjirist; i'or the convulsion to GiJ of the healhen 
ir,!i:(His ul llie i-atlh IS eviilcnlly f^ainio'^ iij)on the heails of cluistians. — 
At IK) fiiniii^r ]u'iioi in mrnli-rn limes lias the church so o;ei)erally or so 
i!i;'.'|.ly felt tliu imipoi'.ance of Forei^jii Missions. The great commission 
of oai Saviour, an ! oilier portions of Scripliop, rehiling lo the universal 
?jiie-iil of the Cro.;)!!:'!. are heconiinij^ heller understood ; ami wiiile there 
sire tompaialiveiy few now to he hiiiiul in cliiislendoir), who do not ac- 
t;iio\rleil;^e the oliiii^alion of the ciiiiich, to send the Gospel to the liea- 
tlien; llie labors, llie |iiayers, and the coiitribntions cd' many, are aniiiial- 
fv increasii)'^ lor the promoiion of this noble enterprise. Nor is the con- 
ve.sioii of idolatr{)iis nations any ioiif^cr prob'einalical. Tiie success 
■uivieh lias already ci owned modern missions, has shown, beyond a 
doubt, the feasibility of sendinfi; the Cosjiel to every land ; and God in 
the wise and gracious dispensations of his jirovidence has eviilenlly been 
pre|iariiiu; llie nations for the rcceiilion of his Inith. The heads of kin^s 
;xiid nilers have been turned from their alle;:;!aiice to the prince of dark- 
Hi'ss, and the most deep rooted national ami relit^ious j)rejiidices have 
«;iven way befoie the jiure doctrines of the cross. God has smiled ujion 
our Missions in iCiuope. U'uler his over rnliiv^ hand, an Oiicken lias 
been enabled, by the truth, to break throu;^h the .slionc; bairieis of a state 
ndii^ion, to drive back the current ol philosophical speculation and ralion- 
fiiism, and plant in the heart of Gemuny, a puie cbiistianity. D.-nmaik, 
France, Gicece, and other portions of continental Europe, have bt;eii made 
to reci-ive lo some extent the truth as it is in Jesus. Ddferent jioiiions of 
hi'niu;hted Africa, whosf? sad history is replete with the def^redidion, 
Clime.'', oj'prcssion, and igno:ance of ils inhabilanls, have recently been 
vl.-,ited with the hvmji of life; and ii accordaiKC wiih piophecy, Ethiopia 
j-: now strechinj out her liands unto GoJ, and implminyj the assistance of 
his people. Many of the Isles of the sr-a have been ina,!e<jlad for the knowf- 
.^d?;e and presence of the Saviour. Asia, however, has been llie principal 
theatie of onr Foreiijn Missions. In that large and densly populalcil por- 
tion of the Globe, the Baptists of En;;'and, and Anerica, have perhirmed 
liie largest jiait of Iheir Missionary labors. The Scrifiiures have been 
translated into most of the languages and dialects of ils numerous nations, 
and Baptist chnrclies have been planteil, to whicii several thoiisniui con- 
verts from idolatry have already been aided. Success has thus farcrown- 
ed our Missions in Asi;i; and by the ilireclion of an all-wise i'lovidence, 
ri'cenl events have conspired to open in this qiiailer of the Globe to our 
Zeal and love aiiotlier held more inviting; than .my that has yet l.eeii pre- 
sented to the eye of christian [iliilan'.hropy. China, which has heielofure, 
by her stranye and .sechi-^ive jiolicy, been shut U|i to the induence of the 
tiulh, is now open with her three hundred millions of jiojuilalon to the 


laltois of llic clnisliiin Missionary. To Uie occMjiancy ol lliis inosl in- 
viliiij;; lie-Ill the tJouthciii jiorlioii of Aiiifiican Biiplisls scci!-, hy ihu iiuii- 
culiuas ol I'lDviilmice, to he ispecially directcti. In the ilelilicuilions ol the 
Sjiulieni l> Convention, recently licld in Kichirioml, Va , China wiiri 
<leemeil the most imiiorlanl ami jiiomising foreign fii'kl w hich comK! cn- 
gage the laliors ot that hoily. The success wliich has attended the laliors 
of brethren Shuck ami lloberts in Car.toii has encouraged cur Foreign 
IJoard to send out others lo labor in that pojuilous city under lier palion- 
;\ge. Ikelhten Pearcy and Clojiton of Virginia, sailed in June last. In 
a few weeks brethren Shuck and Yong Seen Sarng, (a Chinese conveil 
and preacher,) wlio are now visiting the ciinrches of tlie South, are ex- 
pected to leave this country for Cuina, acconi|)anied f)y several other 
youtiifiil Missionaries under the direction of ourFureign Board. Among 
these is one from otir own Slate — brother Al. T. Yates, a na'Jve of i\. C., 
and graduate of Wake Forest College. Let us remember him in our dai- 
ly supplications and pray that God may make him the honored iaslrunienl 
of turning many idolaters to llie service ol the true Go I. Belore conclud- 
ing this report your committee aie constrained to allude lo the impor- 
lance of the crisis which awaits us in relation to our Foreign Mission de- 
]iartment. Never before have the Baptists in the South and West occn- 
j)ied a position so important and responsible. Their scjiarale organiza- 
tion has opened lo them new facilities lor effort and devolved Ujion thent 
additional and more weighty responsiliilities. God is opening to tliein 
new iiehls ot labor, and saying in His word and providence, go in and 
possess the land. Will not llie Baptists in North (.\irolina step forth and 
unite in promoting this grand and holy enterprize ? Will they not con- 
secrate a portion of then- re-ources for turning the nations from darkness 
to light and fiom the power of Sa'an to God. Let us not be behmd our 
hrethren of other Slates, but provoke one another to zeal and lo good 
works. Let us labor more, pray more, aiul give more lor the ditrusioii ol 
llie Gosjiel among the heaihen nations of the earth. 
All of which is resj)eclfully submitted. 

J. J. JAMES, Ck'in. 

The following rasolruions were olTered by N. J. Palmer and a- 
dopled: Resolved, That the Convention approve of the recoin- 
inendation of the Southern Baptist Convention, which met atEich- 
inond, Va., for the observance of the monthlj'^ concert of prayer for 
the revival of genuine religion, and the success of the gospel 
throughout the earth, and lliat collections be taken up at the same 
lime to aid those objects. 

Resolved, That the churches and brethren in the bounds of this 
Convention, be respectfully requested to carry out the objects of" 
tliis resolution, and to observe the first Sabbath or Monday after- 
noon in each inonlh as the time of meeting for that object. 

Resolved, That the Missionary Jourmal, published under the 
direction of the Foreign Mission Board in Richmond, at $1 00 per 
annum, be recommended to the patronage of the brethren through- 
out the State, and that extracts from it be read at the monthly con- 
cert for prayer. 

Rev. R. Furman olTered the following resolution which was adopt- 
ed : Resolved, That we cordially approve of the action of the 
Raleigh Association in pledging themselves to the support of 
brother Yates, recently anpointcd JMissionary to China, an'' 

8" raOCEEDlNGS. 

fiis wile. We bcliultl in this event cheering indications of an 
iiiciense o( the tni^sionary spirit, for which we rejoice, and bless 
llie (xod of x^Iissioiis. 

On inoliun the Finaiici;d CoiiuMitlce were instructed to andit 
an 1 settle tlie Agent's aceonnt. 

Adjourned to half past '2 o'clock'. 

Half past '2 o'clock, P. M. 

Convention met. Prayer by bro. Dennis. Conninittee on Fi- 
nance reported. 

Rev. R. Furman offered the following resolution which was a- 
dopted : Resolved, That the Secretaries of tiiis Convention be re- 
fjuested to publish in the iMinutcs such statistical information as 
ihey may be able to sei'.ure, concerning the number of Associations, 
churches, and members in fellowship in North Carolina. Also the 
names of tl)e Baptist Ministers in the State, wi/h their jpost offices. 

The Convention now gave way to the Publication Socielj', ac- 
cording to previous arrangement, and adjourned to 9 o'clocli Mon- 
day morning. Prayer by bro. James. 

On Sabbath at 11 o'clock, A. M., Rev. J. McDaniel preached 
the sermon in behalf of the Convention in the Baptist Church, 
from John xii. 31., at the close of which a collection was taken up 
amounting to •'?.5:2. 

At 3 o'clock', P. M., Rev. R. Furman preached from 1 Cor. xv. 

At night ]\I. T. Yates was ordained as missionary to China. In- 
troductory prayer by Rev. J. Dennis ; sermon by Rev. T. Meredith, 
from 2. Tim. iv. 2.; charge by Rov. J. B. Taylor ; Bible presented 
by Rev. R. Furman; right hand of fellowship by Rev. S. Wait ; last 
hymn and benediction by the candidate. Ai the close of the last 
Hymn '20 individuals contributed ??.") each to the support of bro. 
Yates as Missionary, and several other smaller amounts were ob- 
tained making in all about ^130. 

Mondaij, 9 o'tZoc7r, JL M. 

Convention met. Prayer by bro. I\lay. 

The Secretary read a communication from "the State Conven- 
tion of the Baptist Denomination in South Carolina." Moved that 
the President reply in behalf of this body. 

Moved, that the number of persons necessary be recoiriinendcd 
from which a selection may be made to lill vacances in the Board 
of Trustees of Wake Forest College. The following were subse- 
quently recommended: Hon. Wm. A. Graham, Capt. John Ber- 
ry, Rev. William Hooper, D. D., William Russell, R. W. Lawton, 
Sidney S. Lea, Rev. R. Furman, John Hill, Wm. Linebcrry, Rev. 
J. McDaniel, H. E. Royal, Wm. H.Jordan, H. Hester and S. B. 

PF.0CEEDi:CG3. 9 

The cofiimitice on place onfl prenchers for ihe next G>nvention 
made their Report containing the following recomtnendalionB, 
which were adopted : 

Resolved, That this Convention hold its next nnnual ttesston 
with the Friend3H!P Church, Cumherlnnd Countv, Scnith West of 
this place, and ditectly on the stage line from this place to Fny» 
elteville ; nnd that bro. G. W. Purify preach the Introductory ser« 
mon, nnd bro. J. Dennis be his alternate ; that bro. R. Furnrian 
preach the Conventional sermon, and W. H. Jordnn Lie hisnlternate. 

On motion agreed lo conitnence tl»e next session on Timrsday 
preceeding the third Lord's day in October ISil, and that tho la* 
troductory sermon be preached at 3 o'clock, P. M. 

The Report ot the conioiiilee on auxiliaries was rend by tho 
chairman, and after some alteration was adopted. The following 
is the Report as amended: 

Your Commitlce to whom was relprred that part of the Report of (ho 
Board liiat relates to Auxiliarits and verbal conerlionF, lieg leave lo re- 
port: That in their oiiinion ii is very ilrsirabie lliat all our Assnciations 
bhoiild becoine auxiliaries to the Cmiveniion, at llie eame time leaving 
each church to exercise their own choice whether to send their ccntribu- 
tioiis direct to the Convention, or to f^end lliem up through their associa- 
tions The nature or extent of this auxiliaryship may call forth diversi* 
ty of sentiment. Your conrimittee, however, would recommend that all 
our Associations, enga<;ed in bent.olt'nt efifoils, be solicited by direct com- 
munication from yoarci.'rrespoti.iinj; S^ becoine auxiliaric'' to the 
Convention, so far at least as to report their Doinesti: Missionaries to the 
Convention, their lime of service, amount of compensation, and success 
in their labors. Al.-o, that they he requested to become auxiliaries in 
raising funds for the Foreign Mission <'ause, and for the Elucation detmrt- 
ment, and also to aid in raisinii funds to enable the Convention to supply 
the destitute regions of our Slate. Your committee, iherctorf, recommend 
the following resolution: 

ResoIvcd.ThM the Corresponding Secretarv open a corrpspoiulencp with 
each of our benevolent Assnciations, and solicit ihem ti> hi come anxil anes 
lo the Conveniioii upon some of ifie pla;is rec<irnmended in this re,iort. 

Y'>ur commiltce not iiavm^ the of the Board hefoie them, hava 
found it imfiracticahle lo aitiend to their duty in malting correc- 
tions, and beg to he discharged trom that pait of their (iniy. 

All of which is .''cspectfuily submitted. A J. Battle, Ch'm. 

The clause in the Report of the Board which had been objected 
to, was thvn stricken out. 

Conmiittee on Finance reported — Report recommitted. 

The Report of the Board was ordered to be published. 

The Cofomiltee on alterations jn the constitution reported. Re- 
port received and committee discharoed. See mnsiitutinn. 

The Committee to recotnmend persons for a Board of Managers 
instructe 1 to recommend a list for all three Board.«. 

On motion it was agreed that the Ko-ne Mission Board he lo- 
cated in Raleich 5 the Foreign Mission Hoard at Yanceyville j and 
the Board of Education at Wake Forest Collen:e, N. C. 

Adjourned tc 3 o'clock P. M. Praver by bro- Devin. 


3 odock p. M. 

Convention met. Prayer by bro. James. 

The committee on Home Missions presented the following report : 

The Committee on Home Mis-sions vvoulil reppeclfully submit the fol- 
lowing re|toit; Since the or;;;uii2alioii of the Soullierii Ba|itist Conven- 
tion and our tlisconnectjuii witli the American Ba| Home Mission So- 
ciety, the attention of the Convention and its Board (jf .Managers has 
been more particularly directci! to this Iranch of its ojierations, and at 
the first session of the Board after the adjournment of the last Conven- 
tion an increased nnmher ol Missionaries were appointed to labor within 
the bounds of the different Associations in this Slate. For a detailed ac- 
count of the operations and success of those appointed, the Convention 
is referred to the annual report t f tiie Board and the reports of the mis- 
sionaries themselves. Your Committee would, however, urge upon the 
Convention, and upon their brethren throughout its bounds, an increased 
attention and renewed zeal in this important arm of its operations, be- 
lieving, as they do, thai upon its success depends in no small degree ev- 
ery other branch of its operations. Let our own jieople leel and experi- 
ence the benefits and diffusive blessii'.gs of the Gos|)el of Peace, they 
will then ajiprecinte its impor'ance and see the necessity, and be niaile 
sensible of the obligations imj)Osed on them to be instrumental in .^sending 
it to otiier nations and people, who are now in the regions of darkness, 
enveloped by ignorai.ce, supcistition, and id(i|atry. 

A Domestic Missionary should be foithwilh appointed to travel ami 
preach lor the ensuing year within the bounds of each Association connect- 
ed with the Convention, or vv'ithin the range of its operations, and the 
Mi.sslonaries so appointed should act as Colporteurs in the sale o( B>ipti»t 
}iublications and also be instructed to raise what funils they could towards 
their support, the deficiency to be madj up from the funds of the Convention. 

A missionary appointed to labor within the bounds of one of our 
tmallest Associations (the Beulah) the past year, has had his salary moie 
than made up and fully paid by funds raised within the Ijounds of that 
body. Every other Association can, if they w ill, do the same. 

The great advantage of having an efficient ami zealous Missionary to 
visit statedly all the churches and destitute neighborhoods witliin the 
l)ounds of each Associalii>n, and to aid the pastors of churches at the 
jiroper season of the year in holding protracted meetings, must be evident 
to ail, and experience has demonstrated its utility. It iij a connecting 
fink to bind the churches more closely together, and to encourage tin; 
hearts and strengthen the hands of the members in the imjioiiant work of 
building up the Redeemer's Kingdom. 

As the Board of Foreign Missions for the Southern Convention will 
piol.ably api>oint agents tor each Slate within its bounds, your committee, 
with all due deference, would respectfully submit to the Convention the 
propriety and expediency of so amending its Constitution as to confine it£ 
operations to Home Mi.ssionsand Education. These two objects are so 
intimately connected and dependent on each other that they cannot well 
be separated. Every young man educated for the mini.<try by the Con- 
vention should be reqniied to devote several years of labor either in the 
Foreign or Home Missionary field. It will the belter prepare them for 
ihe duties of a pastor and the slated mihisiry. More interest would thtn 
be felt by the churches in educating and preparing poor but pious young 
men called of God and licensed by thetn to pieacli tfie gospel. 

In conclusion, your committee would >ny that the tirld of operations is 
large and inviting, lei us occupy it without any iinTieoessary delay, and 
we doubt not, the Lord of the Harvest will bless cur exertions and crown 
them with abundant succors. 

All of which is r.'spccllully submitted. .\. J- FAr.MirB, C/t'n. 


Moved that the Committee on Finance settle with the Mission- 
The following persons were appointed as Messengers to the South 
Carolina Convention : R. Furman, J. J. James, J. C. Stevenson, 
J. B. White, and D. S. Williams. 

To the general Association of Virginia : J. J. Finch, J. J. Jamrs, 
J. McDaniel, L. DuPre, A. J. Battle, T. Meredith, J. S. Purify, 
J. J. Biggs, N. J. Palmer, and John Kerr. 

To the Western Convention : N. J. Palmer, Wm. Jones, Wm. 
Lineberry, Mark May, J. J. James, J. Robertson, L. DuPre, S. S. 
Biddle, and T. Meredith. 

Agreed that any member of the Convention who may attend 
the above mentioned bodies may be recognized as a delegate. 

The Board of Home Missions were instructed to employ an A- 
gent for the ensuing year. 

The Committee on Beneficiaries presented the following report, 
which was adopted and the comtnittee discharged : 

Your cotnmillee to whom was submitted that part of the Keport of the 
Board which relates to Beneficiaries, submit the following — 

In the opinion of your committee, the arrangement suf^gested by the 
Board, woulJ present facilities to beneficiaries, but little, if any more fa- 
vorable, than those which might be obtained in almost any Institution of 
learning. Instead of rpquirin» of them Notes for their Board, bearin<^ 
datefrom the time they quit College, it is thought the better, simply to 
earnestly request them, after finishing their Education, to refund as much 
of the amount which has been expended upon them, excepting their tu- 
ition, as they may find means to do, without subjecting themselves to too 
great embarrassment. 

All of which is especlfully submitted. 

J. McDaniel, Ch'm. 

Adjourned till to morrow morning, 9 o'clock. Prayer by bro. 

Tuesdmj 9 o'clock, A. M. 

Convention met. President read the 42d Psalm. Prayer by 
bro. Wait. 

Moved, that the Education Board meet at Wake Forest College 
on Saturday before the 2d Lord's day in November next. 

Treasurer reported. 

Wm. T. Brooks appointed Auditor of Treasurer's Report. 

Moved, that the $38 50, which the Secretary expended in the 
service of the Convention, be refunded. 

Moved, that the Tresurer settle for the printing of lust Minutes. 

The following resolution was adopted. 

Whereas, the Board of this Convention appointed Delegates to 
the last session of the Southern Baptist Convention, upon funds 
anticipated to be received at this session, therefore, 

Resolved, That in the opinion of this body, said act of the 
Board, under the circumstances of the case, is cordially approved 
by this body. 

12 FaOCEtUlNGS. 

Oo motion, it was Resolved, Thnt iUe Treasurer ba auiliorized 
lo pny the draft drawn on him, on which a pnrt of the Delegntes 
obtained seats in the Somhern Convention, in RichiTiond in June last. 

Moved, that the verbal rpport of the Commiiiee on Education 
be received, and the Commiiiee ba discharged, 

Ttie Finariciai Comniitiee made n final report, and were dis- 
charged. Report ordered to be printed. 

Tlie Home Mission Boird, were instructed to take some steps 
10 pay ilie bttiance <iue the missionaries, &c. 

0(i motion, the name of bro. Jiimes was substituted for that of 
bottler Winslon, on the Board of Education. 

On motion, it was Rs-solved, That John Kerr, G. W. Thomp- 
eon, Culvin Graves, Rev. T. Meredith and J. J. Fmch, be appoin- 
led a coinmiiiee to m:ik'e applicaiiori for, and obtain from the next 
General Assembly of North Cirolinn, a Charter or Art of Incor- 
poration, for this GiriVention, and report to the next atmual meeting. 

Oil motion, it was liesoloed^ nnanifnously, that the thnnlfs of 
this Conventiun bp, and they are herebv, tendered to the President 
titreuf, for the able and imparii il manner in which he has dis- 
chnriTieil the duties of piesidiri? oflirer diirinp this session. 

R soli*:d. Tliai ilic ihmiUs i f ihis Couvoniion are due, and are 
hert by tendered ti> Rev. J. J. Finch fur his laho io; 8 and valufible 
sarvices as .S.c.eiiiry for it;e past ye^'i", und that he be allowed the 
sum ol lilty dollars, to be paid eq tally out of the joint funds of 
the CitiiveiitMiii. 

Resolved, lliiit tie thanks ff this Ciinvrrition be tendored to the 
MeitiiJilisi and Presbyterian Clnirches for the nse ol their houses 
ot *vor>h[»; lo tiiC owners and di ectors of public conveyances to 
imd lioiii Riilti^^h J lo the comnittee of this church for their prompt 
aUeiition ; and to 'he ciiizoi;s of Riltijh f<»r the kind and hospita- 
ble m liner in which we have lieen entertained. 

Resolved, Tiai ii copy of liie above be presented to the city pa- 
pers Inr pnbliciili in, 

Tiie Cleik was instructed to have 2Q00 copies of the Minutes 
printed and disinbi-led. 

A motion beiiiof curried to adjourn to tlie time and place of the 
next annual meeting, the President closed the service by giving 
out the liymn, 

"Blest be the tie that binds," &c. 

After which he implored the Divine blessing on the proceedings of 
the Convention, and dismissed with the apostolic benediction. 

At night Rev. S. Wait preached a very impressive sermon from 
the words, "But godliness with contentment is great gain." Thus 
ended one of the most interesting and important cessions of the 
Convention ever held, and we pray that great good mav follow. 

iosun J. Fus'CH, Secretary. 


The Baptist Sfafe Convention of Nortii Carolina was 
bronght into existence nnder circnmslnnccs which place 
U anionij the works of God. The incHviihinls who aided 
in its formation felt, themselves called on h}' providential 
indications which they did not feel at liberty to resist, to 
organize an Institntion ihrongh which the resources of 
onr Denomination, in (his Slate, migfit be more efficient- 
ly exerted for the spiritual good of men at home and 
abroad. They saw that something must be done to 
train np an eHicient ministry, and then to retain thenj 
among' I7S after the^y are qualified, or the important field 
in otir State would either go nnonliivnted, or fall into 
other hands. While other States and other Denomina- 
tions were combining their means and efforts for increas- 
ing the efficiency of their ministry, and giving a wider 
circulation to their seniimenls, it was impossible for the 
Baptists of this State to maintain their ground, much less 
make any advancement, W'ithout sonje plan ol' generiil 
co-operation. The forces to be overcome were too pow- 
erful — the destitution to be supplied was too extensive — 
for individual effort, or that of small liodies to bo success- 
ful. Local Missionary Societies were first liied ; but be- 
ing found insufficient for the demands of the case, they 
were merged into a Slate Convenlion at Greenville, Pitt 
county, A. D. 1830. 

Thus it will be seen that the Convention has been in 
existence sixteen years. D'-spiie (he llnging zeal of ma- 
ny of its friends, and the prejudice and opposition of its 
enemies, it has lived through changes and difficulties 
which have proved destructive to many other bodies. — 
Nor has it lived in vain. It has not, it is true, accom- 
plished as much as it ought, and as much as it would, 
had it been more liberally sustained by the Denomina- 
tion generally ; hut the good it has effected is worth all 
(heir toil, and sacrifice, and means expended in its he- 
half. It has originated a College for the education of 
onr sons, which is destined to impart incalculable bene- 
fits to onr State in general, as well as to onr Dcnomina- 
tioti ill particular. I( started onr Periodical, which has 
done more, perhaps, than any single instrumentality to 
diss'minaic correct sentiments among our people. It 

14 .W.r/t'/iifv of I lie Jio(f(L — \tre.ncy. 

ha<: oclncalcil sev(M;il ministers, nnd among these a niis- 
sion.iiy who is soon lo embark for (,'hina. It has sent 
the gospel lo many dcslitute sections — eslablishetl nuiny 
new chnichi'6 — strengthened n)any feeble ones — and 
fumed miiliilndes of sinners into the way of life. 

lint these nre only t!)e first frnits of a richer harvest 
yet to be gathered. 'J'he seed sown requires time to 
bring its fruit lo perfection, and those who sow in tears 
have the promise that they "shall return with joy, bring- 
ing their sheuves with them." Many have not the pa- 
tience to wait the slow operations of Providence in de- 
veloping great works. The whole result must show it- 
self at once, or they become discouraged and retire. — 
This IS one reason why many early friends of the Con- 
vention have become lukewarm; they seem to have cal- 
cnlaled that, within a few years, it would succeed in fill- 
ing every pulpit, and supplying every community with 
nii intelligent minister; and because this has not been 
tlone as rapidly as they anticipated they have become 
jliscouraged. But the opposition which we have to en- 
counter from those who ought to be our "fellow-help- 
ers" — the ignorance we have to enlighten — the preju- 
dice we have to subdue, and the parsimony and covet- 
ousness which j>revail to an alarming extent among our 
people, require patience and long continued eflfort to en- 
sure success. The operations of the past year will, we 
trust, furnish some evidence of improvement in our af- 
fairs, and suggest some motives to renewed eflbrt and 
liberalily ; and to these we now invite attention. 


The Constilulion, as altered at the last meeting of the 
Convention, re(iuires the Board to meet monthly instead 
of semiannually, as formerly, and with this requisition 
the Board have complied as strictly as circumstances 
would allow. Up to June last the monthly meetings 
were kept up regularly; since then, in consequence of 
the absence of some of the inembers, we have not al- 
wavs been able to get a quorum ; but it is believed that 
nothing has been omitted which claimed attention. 


Rev. J. Dennis, who was appointed Agent of the 
Convention during its last session, declined the appoint- 
ment in consequence of private business, and engage- 
ments wifh his churches, which he found it impractiable 
to relinquish. The Board, nccordingly, oppointed Rev. 

^ymalonarics, 15 

Win. Liiiuboriv lo tiiis post at. tlit-ir mci'tiiig" in Nov. 
who nccepled (he nppoinlnicnt and entered iipf)U the 
duties of his odice in the month of December following. 
From that time to the 25th of September hist, whicli is 
the date of his last report lo (he Secrelar}', he labonred 
246 days ; travelled 3200 miles; preached 147 sermons ; 
gave 170 lectures on the objects of tlie Convention ; and 
visited 55 counties in the State. He was well received 
in the several communities which he visited, and it is 
hoped that the good results of his labors may b(^ seen at 
the present meeting, and for years to come ; but up to 
the period of our last advices the funds collected had fal- 
len considerably below our e\pectations. A successful 
Agent must possess a rare combination of (|ualifications ; 
besides being a good man and a good preacher, he must 
possess financial abilities, and be alile (o originate and 
carry out some efficient scheme for raising funds. There 
is no post in oiu" operations of gieafer importance than 
that of the Agency ; — it is tlie lly-wheel to all oiu' ma- 
chinery, — nor is theie any sphere in which the best tal- 
ents may be exerted to more advantage. Under present 
circumstances an effective agency is indispensable to 
the success of our plans. The time may come when we 
can do without if. ; but that time has not yet arrived, nor 
do we look for it soon. Many churches are without pas- 
tor.", and of course will do nothing without prompting; 
«nd many pastors need iheniselves to be prompted, and 
f nlisted more earriestly in the woik, before they will 
press iheir people to do their dul}' in this department. 


Five out of nine missionaries appointed by the Board, 
accepted their appointments, and Iiave occupied the res- 
pective fields assigned them. Rev. Mark Bennett was 
appointed to labor six months in the bounds of the Ke- 
liukee Association ; he entered upon his duties (he 15tli 
of December, and from that time to the date of his last 
report, July 29, he travelled 1652 miles; preached 148 
sermons; visited 221 families; and held nine prayer 
meetings. It will thus be seen that bio. Bennett, like the 
first missionaries in the days of the Apostles, preached 
the word from house lo house ; and it is believed thai as 
much, if not more good, has been done by these private 
conversations and prayers with fantilies, as by the pub- 
lic preaching of the word ; for such are the prejudices of 
(he people in that section that they cannot be reached 
in any otiier way. 

The reports of bro. B.. which have come to tlic Be-v I 

J 6 Mii 


reg-iilaily iuid well fjllod wiih nccfJicI mformalion, ex- 
hibit ;i iiio^t wofiil blale of tilings in il)c re^y^ion in wIucIj 
lie Ims labored. It nfrorcls us no pleasme to hold up these 
dnik picltnes to (he pidjiic gi\Zi' ; but fidelity joqnirea a 
statement of facts, which wo think it bfsl to'«;jive in iho 
language of the missionary himself, ns he certainly has 
had ample opportunity of ascertaining- the certainly of 
tlie facts vvhicii he stales. Under dale of Feb. 25, he says: 
'•The profes^^ingcommuniiy," of all dcnoininaiions, "ex- 
liibits g-encrally a mournful state of declension. Many 
of the preachers posst^ss scarcely a single qualification of a 
Jiishop, especially of the Ami order; and mnny churches 
tolerate dram drinking- to that excess that half the num- 
ber of their white male members are given daily to iu- 
toxication ! "' 

In his report of July 27, he says : '•'The sialc of reli- 
gion is low, very low. Numerous vicious influences are 
in active and conlinued operation. Covetousness, in- 
temperance, profane swearing, Sabbath breaking, and 
fraud, are fashionable vices. Add to these, treating du- 
ring eleclioneeriug campaigns, neglect of children's ed- 
ucation, together wiih envy, malice, and evil speaking." 
Ir» another part of the same leport he says: "The op- 
position to the mission cause si ill continues to rage. In 
most places where the Amis have a right they have closed 
their doors, and have deceived the people by the circu- 
lation of silly stories, by which they still frighten them 
away from hearing the missionaries. * * * * lam 
utterly at a loss what to say, or what comse to recom- 
mend as to the Kehukce field. To give it up, I dislike 
very much ; to continue seems almost like throwing a- 
way labor; as it appears to prevent people from reflec- 
ting by keeping them enragr d. I am convinced, how- 
ever, that it is unnecessary for me to labor among them 
any longer." In anolhc>r report of earlier date, hf says: 
"If the Convention shall judge best to keep one or more 
missionaries in this field for the future, I am convinced 
that it would belter serve the Board and the cause of 
God to make a new selection. It requires a man of ex- 
traordinary activity, and uncommon prudence, who has 
never offended lluse people by any change of views on 
the mission (juestion." Again he says: "'rhe Ami breth- 
ren have abated nothing of their denominational hostil- 
ities, nor have ihey resorted to any more hallowed means 
of opposing the spread of the gospel. They yet close 
ihe doors, even of free churches againit ns, and sedu- 
lously labor to prevent tlieir congregations from attend- 
ing our pr'-aching." Prophetic with fhes-.' f2x,*i before 

Missionaries. 17 

U3 it requires no prophetic power to tell what must be the 
fate of these people, sooner or later. With growing cor- 
ruption in their own ranks — a decline of public morals 
under their influence — and opposing as they do all 
attempts at improvement, they must become continual- 
ly more disgusting to people of discernment, and final- 
ly terminate their anti-christinn career by their own fol- 
ly and madness. 

But gloomy and discouraging as this field is at present, 
there are some inducements to hope that a change will 
take place for the better. Speaking of the people gen- 
erally, bro. B. says : "I do think they will have been 
churched by some denomination before another genera- 
tion shall have passed away. But that one cannot be 
the Antis. The Episcopalians and Methodists both 
stand a better chance (han they. Yet I opine that mis- 
sion Baptists — ministers "of the right kind," — can do 
more than any others, because baptism faithfully press- 
ed upon them will carry the day. The popular faith is 
Baptist.^^ Respecting the results of his own labors he 
says : "I think my mission has not been in vain. Some 
three or four have professed to be converted under my 
ministry; some have appeared to be cut to the heart; 
and the tears of joy have often trickled under the words 
of sweet consolation. * * * * My hopes of doing 
good arise more from visiting families, and singing, pray- 
ing, and conversing with them, than from preaching. — 
Of these I do much, as ni}' reports will show. Often is 
my heart made glad with seeing that my visits have not 
only been welcome, but comfortable, and sometimes 
joyful. The sick as well as tiie healifiy have expressed 
their pleasure, and the cordial smile, and affectionate 
look, or more expressive tear, has scattered along my 
road for miles a fragrancy sweeter than all the odors 
from the gardens of sensual pleasure.'' From these state- 
ments a pretty correct opinion iiuiy be formed respecting 
the Kehukee region, as a field of missionary labor. 

Rev. R. J. Devin was appointed at the first meeting 
of the Board after the adjournment of the Convention, 
to labor in the biunds of the Liberty and Yadkin Asso- 
ciations for twelve months. He entered upon the duties 
of his mission soon after receiving the appointment, and 
was assiduously employed to the 6th of December, at 
which time he was taken sick, from which he did not 
recover till the first of April following. From his last 
report we learn that he labored seveti months for the 
Convention, during which time he preached 140 ser- 
mono and travelled over 2000 miles. At the places he 


18 Beneficiaries. 

aUciulctl he says, "over 100 peicjoi.s ptofcssed faith in 

Kev. John Kuhcrtson was oppoiiited missionary for six 
inoiiihs, to hibor it) the couniirs of 8lokcs, Sony and 
Guilfortl. Fioni his hi^l report we learn ihat he hibored 
185 days ; travelled 1507 miles ; preached 1 19 sermons ; 
baptised 60 per^rons ; organized 4 Sabbaih Schools, and 
Sarins lo ilie Madison church — one with 15, another 
with 14, and a third with 9 nieiubers. His field is large 
and inviting. 

Rev. Ellas Uodson was appointed by the Convention 
to labor under the direction of the Board of the Beidali 
Association. He travelled during the Associaiional j'car 
4530 miles; preached 212 sermons; and sold books to 
the amoimt of $164 25. He, as well as brother Robert- 
son, speaks of the great destiltition in Guilford, Stokes 
and Rockingham counties — in tlie first of which there is 
no Baptist. mini:-ter cr missionary church, "though il is 
one of the largest counties in the State." 

At the meeting of the Board in Jan. it was agreed to 
allow fifty dollars lo bro. West if he would preach once 
a month in Milton and once a inonih in some other 
place which he n)ight select himself — till the meeting 
of the Convention. The proposal was accepted by bro. 
West, and he has been preaching at Milton and Rox- 

Rev. Zechariah Neal was appointed to labor for three 
months in Guilford and Western part of Orange ; but 
we have received no accoimt of his labors. 

Such are the facts connected with our tiiissionar}' la- 
bors in this State, as far as we are able to present them 
nt present, during the Conventional year just closed. — 
For the want of full reports from all the missionaries we 
are tmable to state the exact amount of our indebted- 
ness for missionary labor, and also the amount of fund^ 
Collected. Had the course been pmsued which we hope 
yet to see adopted, we should be able to present in our 
Report our expenses atid resources; as it is, we must 
wait for fiuthcr developments (o see how we stand in 
these respects. 


At our last session there were four beneficiaries under 
the patronage of the Board, who were continued. At 
the eiieetiug of the Board in Nov. Bro. Alderman, from 
the bounds of the Union Association, was received upon 
(he recommendation of bro. Fennell, who encouraged 
ihe Board to believe that the churches in the rigioti 

Beneficiaries. 1 9 

from which he came would fmiiisli tlic means (o meet 
bis expenses. He was accordingly received and insdnct- 
ed lo repair tojlie College, in a comninnicalion address- 
ed to hro. Fennell, which he did soon after. As bio. 
Yates graduated in June last, the number of beneficiaries 
now under our patronage is four. We feel that it is 
cause of gratitude to God that we have been permitted 
to raise up and prepare one missionary to preacii the 
gospel to tile heathen. Bro. Yates has been received by 
the Foreign Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Con- 
vention, and expects to sail for China soon in company 
with bro. Shuck and others. This is an era of our la- 
bors in this State, and we hail it as the harbinger of a 
glorious change. Why should not North Carolina raise 
up and send out Foreign Missionaries as well as other 
sections of our country 1 Why is she not bound to do 
it if she admit the obligation of the great commission 1 
And who knows but that many young brethren feel 
moved to this duty, and are kept back by the want of 
means to gratif}'^ themselves, or of proper encouragement 
logo? Let the churches become thoroughly missiona- 
ry, as they will be when they become thorougly chris- 
tian, and God will give us men in greater abundance for 
the Home and Foreign field. Certain plants in the ve- 
getable kingdom flourish only in a congenial soil and 
climate. They spring up naturally no where else, and 
if transferred to uncongenial elements they wither and 
die. Missionaries and efficient ministers, grow only in 
a truly christian soil, and in a missionary atmosphere. — 
At the meeting of tlie Board in March a new regulation 
was adopted respecting beneficiaries and licentiates. — 
At the instance of one of the Professors, the Board be- 
came responsible for the tmtion of our licentiates who 
may study at Wake F. College. There are two reasons 
for adopting this regulation ; one was the conviction en- 
tertained by the Board that theological students shoi:4'td 
be relieved from the expense of tuition, for whicN the 
laws of the Institution as yet make no provision. — 
The Trustees have not felt themselves able to adopt 
such an arrangement, and it is to meet this necessity 
that the Board have assumed the responsibility. If the 
means shall be furnished to meet the expt'nse incurred by 
the measme, we shall be glad to continue it, if not we 
shall have to drop it. Another reason for the measure 
was that it would induce some to complete their course 
who would otherwise feel compelled to stop in conse- 
quence of inability to meetflll the expense. 

It was also agreed that the beneficiaries be hereafter 

30 Foreign Missio7i Depart meat. 

required to give notes for their board, to bear interest 
from the time they quit College. The principal reasons 
which led to the adoption of this measure were the fol- 
lowing : 

1. It was thought that many young brethren, who 
needed assistance, would accept the aid of the Board as 
a loan, who would not as a gift. 

2. That it would stimulate the beneficiaries to make ft 
better use of their advantages, on the principle that that 
which costs something, is more apt to be prized and us- 
ed than that which costs nothing. 

3. That it would increase our means of doing good by 
the accumulation of a permanent fund, while the ben- 
eficiaries would receive all the aid that could l)e reason- 
ably desired. It substitutes the preserving and accumu- 
lating process for the exhausting one. 

Under the former arrangement we were continually 
exhausting our means — when appropriations were made 
to beneficiaries they could do no more, and passed away. 
Under the present arrangements we retain all the fimds 
we raise for education with increase ; and the same 
means which aid one young man may, in the course of 
years, aid many. 


Besides the delegates appointed at our last annual 
meeting to the Southern Baptist Convention, which con- 
vened at Richmond in Jime Inst, three others were af- 
terwards appointed by the Board. The SccrtMary was 
appointed to reprt>sent the funds collected by Rev. J. 
B. Taylor, Cor. Sec. of the For. Board, as he passed 
through our Stale last year, which amoimted to a little 
more than a hundred dollars. And Rev. J. J. James 
and N. J. Paln)er were appointed upon the faith of 
funds expected at this meeting; iliey giving a draft for 
llu"* amount jiecessar}'^ to entitle tliem to membership, 
which is to be paid from the Foreign Mission fund of 
this ye>>r's receipts; with the understanding that sliould 
this ftmd fall short the latter is to meet the deficienc}'. 

The present is an era in the history of Foreign Mis- 
sions. The n->illions of China are now accessible, and 
circumstances s.°em to have devolved upon Southern 
Christians the duty of giving them the word of life. A 
Board has been located at Richmond to receive and ap- 
ply the means of the Sjulhern churches for the benefit 
of the heathen, and noihingis now wanting but men and 
means enough to give, under the blessing of God, an 
unusual impetus to the evangelization of the world, ft 

Secretary — Fields of labor. 21 

is expected tlmt we shall be permitted to set apart one 
missionary to tl'« Foreign field dining- tlie present ses- 
sion, and it is hoped that his example will be followed 
by many olhers. It shonld be remembered that minis- 
ters, like other blessings, are given in answer to prayer, 
and christians shonld make special snpplication to God 
for an increase of laborers when the harvest is so plen- 


The duties of the Secretary, during the past year, have 
been unusually arduous:. By combining the duties of 
Rec. and Cor. Secretary together, and requiring the 
Board to meet monthly, the labor of the office has been 
greatly increased. The principal difficulty, however, 
lias arisen from the want of documents and papers con- 
necletl with our past operations. The proceedings of 
the Board have not heretofore been recorded in any book, 
to which we could refer; — we have not been able as yet 
to get a complete file of the Minutes of the Conveniion ; 
and some of the papers connected with the proceedings 
of our last anniversary have not been found. Except 
the Report on Education, however, it is believed there 
is no material omission in the published minutes. The 
proceedings of the Board during the past year have been 
recorded in a permanent form for future reference. — 
Written commissions were sent to each of the missiona- 
ries and agent, giving special instructions respecting 
their fields of labor, and the duties expected of theiri. — 
A constant correspondence has been kept up with in- 
dividuals and religious bodies, with a view of awakening 
a greater interest in the objects wiiich we are seeking to 
promote, it is liopt^d, with some good eflTecl ; and for the 
same purpose several Associations and oihei bodies have 
been visited personally, at two of which collections were 
taken up, amounting to $42 22. The amount expen- 
ded by the Secretaiy for a book of record, postage, and 
travelling expenses in (he service of the Board is $38 22. 


We think it the proper course to direct our attention 
exclusively to destitute sections and feeble chinches. — 
Churches which are supplied with pnstoral labor ought 
not to expect to be visited by missionaries merely be- 
cause they contribute to the funds. But as the destitu- 
tion is beyond the present means of supply, we think 
the true policy is to cultivate, tiioronghly, the most 
needy and important points first. Special attention 
ought first to be given to the town?, and then the most 

22 Auxiliaries. 

snilable places in llie country. The New Testament 
plan is "/o begin at Jerusalem.'"' The gvctxi mistake 
witli us in lliis State has been the neglect of ihe towns, 
particularly in the middle and western parts of the Stale. 
A change ha^; lately commenced for the better, which 
we trust will go on with increasing vigor. Churches 
Jiave sprung up in Yanceyville and Milton, and meas- 
ures are in operation for putting up Iiouses of worship in 
Hillsborougli and Oxford ; and if suitable ministers can 
be employed at these places there is reason to hope in- 
teresting churches may be established therein the course 
of time. The church in Louisburg ought to be supplied 
regularly with preaching, and has claims upon our as- 
s^isiance. Edenton also ought to have a preacher, nor 
ought Windsor, Greensborough and Salisbury to be over- 
looked. In the country, destitute and important fields 
meet us on every hand, calling for help. It is with 
heavy hearts that we survey the destitution around us, 
and then consider our limited resources to supply it. In 
view of this scene will not our ministering brethren give 
themselves more fully to the duties of their profession ? 
Will not our young brethren consecrate themselves to 
this work *? And will not the churches furnish the 
means to sustain them while thus engaged ? If Rail 
Roads are to be built, or Banks established, or the defences 
of the country undertaken, capital is furnished in abun- 
dance, the best talents are employed, and systematic ef- 
fort is put forth till the result is accomplished. Wh}' can 
we not come up to the work before us with equal zeal 
and liberalil}- ] 


The W^estern Convention, an auxiliary of this body, 
held its second session at Boiling Spring, Henderson 
county, in August last. The proceedings were spirited 
and harmonious. W'e regret that the delegates appoint- 
ed from this body failed to meet with them, except bro. 
Lineberry. The brethren in the W^est are making an ef- 
fort to build up the Redeemer's Kingdom in that section 
of the State, which has been too much neglected hereto- 
fore, and they ought to have our encouragement and 

As a general principle in relation to auxiliaries, the 
Board are of opinion that it is best for the churches to be 
made auxiliares to the Convention, as far as practicable. 
It may be necessary sometimes to adopt other modes of 
operation ; but we are decidedly of opinion that this is 
the best plan as a general thing. It will save time and 
trouble. Ii certainlv is as convenient to send fuiMls that 

Tin a n cc^ — Su^ lyeations. 23 


may be taistd l»y a chiucli to the Treasinei of (he Con- 
vendoii, as it is (o seiul them to some other organization 
to be forwarded hy (heiu to the CoiivetUion. And wfieii 
the Coiivenlioii is phiced so far in the distance, and lias 
fo be reached through intervening organizations, its 
claims will not be seen so clearly nor be met so prompt- 
ly as when they are laid directly before every cluuch. 


For a detailed account of our finances we refer to the 
reports of the Treasurer and of the Committeeon con- 
tributions. It will be seen that (he receipts amoiiat to 
^1938 86, leavitig a deficit of more than $'t40. 


In the opitsion of the Board some change i« required 
iu our organJKation. With our present arrangements 
too nuich labor devolves on a few individuals. Our 
Board is entrusted with the management of three dis- 
tinct departments, viz : Home Missions, Foreign Mis- 
sions, and Education : and the same persons who have 
(o pel form most of (he work in this Board, are also on 
the Boards of the Bible and Publicalioa Societies. We 
think it is best to divide the 'labor; to organize tliree 
Boards — one for each object, and to locate ihein iti dif- 
ferent sections of the State. This will secure a greater 
number of laborers, and accomplish, it is tiiought, as 
much for each object as is now done for all. The sub- 
ject is respectfully submitted to the Convention in the 
hope that some change will be made that will give great- 
er eOiciency to our operations. 

It is thougist that the Board need not at present be re- 
quired to meet oftener ihaa quarterly, at, which times 
(he n'.issionaries should be required to make reports of 
their labor, upon the punctuality of which their pay- 
ments should depend. We think it indispensable to the 
success of our operations that the missionaries should be 
paid quarterly or semiannually 5 they must sufier great 
inconvenience when they have to wait tiil the end of 
the year, and sontetimes longer, for their payments, sucit 
as no other laborers would submit to, and we sltall nev- 
er be able to get a sufficient number o^ the right sort of 
men till this part of our operations is improived. 

To effect this a change wiH liave to be made in the 
financial department. Immediate contributions will be 
necessary. Auxiliaries, instead of waiting lill (he end 
«f the year to forward (heir funds by their delegates^ wij[ 
have to send them to the Treabitrci of il^e Coavcntioa 

24 Suggestiunx. 

during the year, and then the Board can draw npon (he 
Treasurer lor the qiiarterl}^ payments of (he niissionries. 
Besides other advanlages arising- from this plan, it would 
enable tlie Board to keep their expenditures within the 
limiis of their means. 

We furthermore sugs^est the propriety of bringing: all 
our Domestic Missionary operations, wiiliin the bounds 
of this Convention, under the supervision of one Board. 
Some of the reasons which urge tin's arrangement are the 
following : 1. One Board is su(Eci(>n( for this depart- 
ment within the limits specified. 2. It would enable 
us to ascertain at each anniversary what was done 
throughout the State for Home Missions during the year. 
3. It would awaken a deeper sympathy in behalf of the 
Convention — it would increase our contributions and 
representation — it would-'give unity and vigor to our ef- 
forts, and thus greatly increase our efficiency. 

We know it will be said b}^ somv, that th;'y can man- 
age their own nnssionary afJ'airs, and need not the aid 
of a general Board ; so some familes may say they can 
manage their affairs without the aid of a State govern- 
ment ; but then (here are many others that cannot ; and 
to promote (he interests of (he whole they tmite under 
one government. If son)e few sections can employ and 
superintend (heir own missionaries, niiiny others cannot ; 
and any one who \\ill carefully examine (he iDatler 
must see that the interests of all will be best promoted 
by concentrating our efforts and resources. If (hose who 
are al)le (o sus(uin their own missionary operations con- 
fine their n.eans and efforts at home, where are the 
means and efforts to come from (o supply the destitute 
in other sections ? The Convention cannot live, much 
less meet the many demands upon it for aid, if section- 
al arrangemen(s driiin it of men and means. Ifsection- 
tional arrangements can do (he work be(ter than a gen- 
eral organization, let us abolish (he la((er and adopt the 
former; bu( if i( can be be(ter done, as is believed, by a 
general organization, (hen let all sec(mns uni(e in i(. 

The Board cannot close this Report without c;\liing 
a((en(ion to a fact which they think des(^rves considera- 
tion. All must perceive that the efiicienc}' of oiu' ope- 
rations in (his Sia(e bears no proper proportion (o our 
resources. Wi(h 40,000 membeis, and an aggrega(e a- 
mount of means which will compare with (hat of any 
o(her religious body, we have nor averaged a thousand 
dollars a year for (he benevolent objects under our pat- 
ronage ! Wc hear of revivals, and of large accessions to 
our churchca annually, but wc sec no proportionate m- 

Suggestions. 25 

crease "of funds and cfllciency. How are wc lo ac- 
count for this slate of things'? The causes are no doubt 
various ; but some of thcni may be found in tlie fact that 
the meniliers are not properly trained to duty after they en- 
ter (lie church, and tliat there is (oo great a laxity in gov- 
ernnienl and discipline. The efficiency of an army does 
not depend so much upon its numbers as upon its beings 
thoroughly drilled and imited ,as all history shows. And 
this is all that is lacking among oiu' people to secure 
that prosperity which we profess to desire. 

Let us then draw instruction from the history of the 
past — let us attend lo facts as developed in the dealings 
of Providence — let us apply suitable remedies to what 
we find defective in our plans of operation, and conse- 
crate ourselves afresh lo the work before us. Argu- 
nienis meet us from every point enforcing the exhorta- 
tion, "whatsoever thy hand findeih lo do, do it with thy 
iniglit." If we look back through sixteen years we shall 
observe changes which sluill remind us that what we do 
must be done quickly. We find not in this assembly to 
day many who cheered us by their presence, and aided 
us by their counsels and means in the early sessions of 
this Convention. We look in vain to this table for an 
Armstrong, and to those seats for an Austin, a Culpepper, 
a Graham, a Thomson, and many others. They are 
gone, and we must soon follow them whether our work 
is finished or not. 

If we look around us we sec a generation, many of 
whom are without the means of grace, rapidly passing 
into eternilj'. And if we look before us the ascended 
Saviour meets us on his throne of judgiiienl, calling each 
lo account for his stewardship. If we listen to this imited 
appeal we cannot remain as we are. Our eflTorts will 
become more vigorous — our means will flow more liber- 
ally into the treasury of the Lord — our prayers will be- 
come more fervent — and our scattered .forces will be 
centered in one irresistible unify. 

Report of tlte Fiaaucial C'lMuiuittee. 

Your C'oiuiiiittce would state that they have entered below no mon- 
ies paid the Agent except the entire amount : and hence to ascertain the 
amount paid within the bounds of many Ai^sociations and by many 
churches, the amount below must be added to the amount paid the Agent. 
In one case the amount so found diliers some cents from the amount re- 
ported to be raised by the church. 


H. M. 

F. .M. 




$ 20 97 

$ 37 45 

$ 24 00 

$ 82 42 


249 50 

13 50 

11 25 

274 25 

Pee Dee Union, 

15 35 

15 35 


11 33 

14 33 

14 34 

40 00 

Chowan balance of 1815, 

7 66 

7 66 

7 68 

23 00 


12 05 

12 05 

12 05 

36 15 

Bertie Union, 

6 42 

6 42 

6 43 

19 27 

Tar River, 

4 55 

4 55 

4 55 

13 65 


10 37 

10 37 


11 00 

11 00 

Flat River, 

3 33 

3 33 

3 34 

10 00 


6 00 
358 53 

6 00 
105 29 

6 00 
89 64 

18 00 

Amount from Associations, 

553 46 


Wake Forest, 

2 00 

183 50 

19 50 

205 00 

Soc. of Inquiry W. F. College, 

15 00 

15 00 


9 76 

98 26 

9 76 

117 78 

Piney Grove Miss. Society, 

6 00 

4 00 

10 00 

Bethel Perquimon.s, 

15 00 

28 00 

43 00 


5 00 

5 00 

10 00 


5 00 

5 00 

10 00 


6 22 

20 72 

5 72 

32 66 


4 45 

1 60 


6 87 

Mt. Tabor, 

3 33 

3 33 

3 34 

10 00 


3 33 

3 33 

3 34 

10 00 


10 00 

10 00 


3 33 

3 33 

3 34 

10 00 

ISIt. Pisgah, 

2 90 

5 50 

8 40 

Mineral Spring, 

7 50 


2 50 

10 50 

Gum Spring., 

2 00 

2 00 

2 50 

6 50 

Bethel, Sampson. 

5 00 

6 75 

3 00 

14 75 

Pleasant Grove, Anson. 

1 00 

1 00 

1 00 

3 00 

Plea-sant Grove. Hertford, 

4 00 

4 00 

4 75 

12 75 



13 25 

6 25 

20 00 

Sandy Run., 

:i 66 

3 66 

3 68 

11 00 

:Mt. Gilead F. M. S. 

3 33 

3 33 

3 34 

10 00 


5 91 

21 16 

2 93 

30 00 


4 25 

1 00 

5 25 

Flat Rock, 

1 00 

10 00 


i 75 

2 25 

2 00 

10 00 

Island Ford, 

to no 

10 00 



n. M. 

F. M. 



Connaritsa M. S. 

5 75 

5 25 

1 00 

12 00 

Cedar Fork, 

50 00 

50 00 

Tabb's Creek, 

3 33 

3 33 

3 34 

10 00 


5 00 

10 00 

15 00 

Beulah, Sampson, 


6 00 

1 00 

3 00 

10 00 

Amount from Chi 

134 72 

462 72 

149 02 

746 46 


S. S. Biddle, 

10 00 

10 00 

20 00 

W. Dawson for bro. 


1 00 

1 00 

J. Wiseman by bro. 


2 50 

2 50 

Amount from indi 


10 00 

3 50 

10 00 

23 50 

Sabbath collection, 

17 33 

17 33 

17 34 

52 00 

Collection after the ordination of 
bro. Yates. — R. Furman, T. B. 
Barnett, C. W. Skinner, L. Du- 
Pre, D. DuPre, Mrs. E. Wash- 
ington, S. Wait, Mrs. Stone, J. 
McDaniel, J. Buftlilow, G. W. 
Thompson, J. J. James, J. Hud- 
son, Mrs. E. Jiggetts, J. Den- 
nis, Mrs. Palmer, D. S. Wil- 
liams, S. S. Biddle, Mrs. Gra- 
ham, J. F. Jordan, T. Mere- 
dith — each five dollars. 

The following paid each $2 : T. 
W. Graves, Mrs. Garrison, 
Mrs. Johnson, Miss L. Briggs, 

Miss S. Alford, 

From sundry persons, 

Am't of col. after ordination, 


Amount from Associations, 358 53 

" " Churches, 134 72 

" " Individuals, 10 00 

'= " Sabbath col. 17 33 
" " Col. after ordi'n, 

" « Agent, 208 22 

" " Bro. Devin, 27 50 

" " Bro. Robertson, 5 00 
" Received by Committee 
since the Convention, 

Carthlege Creek, 10 00 

Brassfield's, 1 90 

Flat River Association, 4 48 

Sandy Cross, 5 00 

105 00 

8 00 
1 00 

16 95 

130 95 

105 29 

462 72 
3 50 

17 33 
130 95 

73 75 

5 00 
1 60 
4 53 

89 64 

149 02 

10 00 

17 34 

68 72 

5 00 
2 25 

4 54 

5 00 

105 00. 

8 00 

1 00 

16 95 

130 95 

553 46 

746 46 

23 50 

52 00 

130 95 

350 69 

27 50 

5 00 

20 00 

5 75 

13 55 

10 00 

782 68 

804 67 351 51 1938 86 



Stateiueut of the monies received by the Agent, 


Perry's Chapel, 
Peach Tree, 
Bear Swamji, 

VVm. LeeoO.Wm. Watpon 
1 00, Miles BDlibit 1 00. 

Amount in Tar Kivcr As30. 

Miss. Society al Bethlehem, 
Cool Sjiring, 
Murtreesboro (Pub. Col ) 

•• Missionary Society, 
Ramoth Gillead, 
Smith's Church, 
Spence's Mneling House, 
Sawyer's Cieek, 
Elizabeth Cily, 
J. p. Freeman, 
Oliver P. Savag;e, 
Mary M. Wood, 
Rebecca Blounl, 
Marv Pemler, 
Sarah A. Keath, 

Amount in Chowan Asso. 


J. D. El well, 


Harriett's Chapel, 

Mary A. Melts, 

Mrs. Carroway, 

S B. Carroway, 

Mr?. Melts $3, Miss Metis 2, 

Mrs. Lofiin 50, M. Norcott 
50. M. Bid. lie 100, P. Bid- 
die 1 00, E. C. Diifiee $1, 
S. BiddleSl.Dr. Duflee$J, 
S. Noicott «5, 

Brices' Creek, 

Piney Grove, 

Wm. W. Pipkin, 

W. Davis, 

James Davis, 




A. Whilty 50, J. Rhodes 50, 
J. Oliver 50, 

H. M. 

11 50 

1 12 1-2 

2 50 

1 75 

2 50 

19 37 1-2 

1 00 

1 00 

10 00 


1 00 

1 00 

1 08 

1 OS 

5 53 

2 03 

2 03 


87 1 

2 27 

2 27 

1 40 


4 36 

4 36 

3 62 

2 25 

10 00 

1 00 

2 00 
10 00 


57 05 

4 75 
1 00 

3 75 

5 00 

5 00 
5 00 

11 00 

3 00 


1 00 

2 00 

1 00 

1 30 

2 75 

1 12 1-2 
1 00 

2 12 1-2 

1 00 

1 09 
5 53 

2 04 

1 01 

4 3G 

3 00 


2 00 

14 36 1-2 21 88 




5 00 
5 00 

2 00 

1 00 

11 50 

2 25 

4 50 

1 75 

2 50 
22 50 

10 00 

3 00 

3 25 

11 06 
6 10 

2 79 1-2 

5 05 
2 74 

13 08 

8 87 

10 00 


1 00 

4 00 
10 00 


1 50 

93 29 1-2 

4 75 
1 00 
3 75 

10 00 

5 00 
10 00 

5 00 

II 00 

3 50 

1 00 

4 00 

1 00 

3 05 

2 75 

; 1 50 



Benj. Askew, 

A. C. VVilliains, 

J. McDaniel, 

F. Fulfor(l25, H Potts 26, 

E Suioqiie 50, 
T. J. Stevens, 
Aaron Jones, 
Bryant Cox, 
J. Jackson $1, VV. Cox $1, 

Amount in Union Asso. 

Johson Liberty, Raleigh As. 

Sandy Creek Asso. 

Cedar Fails, 

Richard Dowd, 

S. Dorcett 20, M. Brag 50, 

IVIr. White, 

H. Brooks, 

E. Webster, 

S. W. Brooks, 

T. Brooks, 

S. A.Biantly. 

Ain't in Sandy Creek Asso. 



Mt. Zion, 

Mt. Moriah, 




H. M. 



2 50 


2 00 

54 90 

3 85 

20 45 

2 00 

9 00 






33 58 


4 17 

1 75 

1 75 


5 25 

Amount in Flat River Asso. ^14 92 

Koran's Creek, 5 00 

S. Watkins, j 


G. H. Chaplin 50, D. Smith 

25, G. S. Gauidinfi; $1, 
W. Russell $5, S. S. Lee 50, 

VV. Lee$l, 
T. J. Valentine, 
H. Motley, 
M. Moyers, 
W. L. Urila, 
John Kerr, 
A. A. Patillo. 
E. W. West, 
Mrs. Sutte, 

Amount in Beulah Asso. 5 00 

K. M. 


1 00 


9 GO 

9 00 


10 93 


1 25 
9 95 
4 00 

16 37 

1 66 


2 00 

1 00 

7 31 

2 50 

1 00 

16 7£ 




1 00 


5 42 1-2 

1 67 

1 75 

6 50 


2 00 

1 00 

15 07 


1 00 

1 00 

5 00 

1 00 

1 00 

1 00 


2 00 

81 25 

3 85 

20 45 
2 00 
18 00 

1 00 
1 00 





45 42 

1 60 
5 54 

1 50 

2 75 

4 25 
10 95 

10 121-2 

36 71 1-2 

5 00 
1 00 

3 33 

1 75 

6 50 

1 00 
4 00 


2 00 
1 00 

27 38 



H. M. 

F. M. 



Cross Roads, 

1 00 

1 00 





1 00 

1 00 


2 50 



3 75 

iVlineral lSprin», 



Carlhledge Creek, 

4 95 


2 75 

8 45 

Gum Spring, 

3 50 

3 50 


3 35 


1 SO 

5 40 

A. LeachSl.VV. M.Rulher, 

50, J. Huther 50, 

2 00 

2 00 

P. Parker,F.xM. 50, Y.Al- 

len, H. M. $1, 

1 00 


1 50 

Amount in PeeDee Asso. 

19 55 

1 87 

5 93 

27 35 

Western Convention, 

12 30 


12 93 


Amount in Tar River Asso. 

W 37 1-2 

1 00 

2 12 1-2 

22 50 

« Chowaw " 

57 05 

14 36 1-2 

21 88 

93 29 1 2 

" Union " 

54 90 

9 60 

16 75 

81 25 

« Sandy Creek " 

1 33 58 

10 93 


45 42 


3 85 

3 85 

" Flat Uiver " 

14 92 

16 37 

5 421-2 

36 71 1-2 

" Beulah " 

5 00 

7 31 

15 07 

27 38 

" PeeDee " 

19 55 

1 87 

5 93 

27 35 

" Western Conv'n. 

12 30 


68 72 

12 93 

208 27 1-2 

73 74 1-2 

350 69 

A list of Contributions as reported by R. J. Devin, Missonary of the 
Convent ion, for the Liberty and Yadkin Associations. 

The following funds were contributed for Home Missions :—D. Hoi - 
man 1 00, C. McBride 50, I. Ma} 25, J. Frost 2 00, VV. Howell 1 00, J. 
Shaver 37 1-2, E. Holman 1 00, R. Holman 50, J. Wiseman 2 50. Bap- 
tist Chapel 1 80, sundry individuals 45, by collection at Brier Creek As- 
sociation 9 37 1-2, W. Myers 25, J. Eaton 1 00, J. Roby 50, Eaton's 
church 5 00.— Total, $27 50. 

Treasurer's Report. 

N. C. Baptist State Cnovention in account with J. S. Punfij, Treas. 


To error in Financial Report of last 

'« Balance in the hands of the 

Treasurer la«t year, 
« Cadh of Financial Committee, 


H. M. 

20 50 

F. M. 

22 22 


52 22 
4G 32 66 52 

782 68 1-2 SOI 66 1-2 351 51 193S S6 

802 18 1-2 S26 88 1-2 397 S3 2027 99 

By cash paid M.T.Yates' board. Fail 

session, 1845, 
« " " Eld. Lineberry Agent,'i36 66 136 66 
«. « « M. T. Yates, (sent up 

for his benefit,) 63 00 

« « « on draft in favor ot F 

M. Board, 200 00 

« .c « Bro. Shuck and Taylor 

for F. M. Board by 

Wake Forest and Ra- 
leigh churches, 124 52 
« " « E. Dodson, H. M- 240 00 
<« « tt T. Meredith printing 

Minutes 1845, 33 33 33 33 

«» <« " for Secretaries' expen- 

. 3es, 12 66 12 86 

« " « R. J. Devin, H. M. in 

part, 92 .50 

«« " " J. Robertson do. 105 00 
♦« " «' S-Waitin part for board 

of A. B. Alderman, 
« M « Mrg. Gaines for board 

of Yates, O'Bryan and 

Jackson, for 1846, 
« « « J. B. White in part for 

board of L. Finch '46, 
«« « " A. Thomas Treasurer 

F. M. Board, '256 51 1-2 

" « « E. W. West H. M. in 

in full, 50 00 I ' 

« « <t M.Bennett do. in part, 132 S3 1-2 
" Error ofFinancial report of 1S45, 

28 00 
136 68 

28 00 
410 00 

63 00 

200 09 

124 52 

240 00 

Over paid by the Treasurer and due 
him from Cocveotion, 

32 34 100 00 
12 88 38 60 

92 59 

105 00 

25 00 25 00 

140 00 140 00 

35 00 35 60 

1 256 51 1--2 

50 00 
132 83 1-2 
22 22 22 22 

503 18 1-2|826 88 1-2,433 IC 
35 29 

1 ^97 83 

3063 19 
35 20 

2027 90 

The Education deparimeol is in debt about $340. 

The Home Mission «« " •' •• •• 100. 

JAMES S. PURIFY. Treasurer. 




Raleigh, Oct. 17, 184-6. 

The iwsi annual meeting of the N. C Baptist Publication and Sunday 
School Society was held in the Baptist Church. 

At 3 o'clock p. .M. the Society was called to order by Uev. J. J. finch, 
President. Piayer by Rev. S. Wait. 

On motion of Rev. J. J. James, a committee of three was appointed to 
attend upon the audience, and procure members of the Society. Com- 
miltee— J. J. James, C. W. Skinner and T. B. Barnett. 

The Constitution and Rules of Order were read. 

On motion, a committee of three were appointed to nominate oUicers of 
the Society for the ensuing year. 

On motion of Rev. J. J. James, the Secretary read the following an- 
nual Report of the Board of Managers, which was ado]ited ; 


Immediately after the organization of our Societj-, the Rev. \V. Line- 
berry was appointeil its agent, but in consequence of his suhseqtieni np- 
])ninlment as agent of the Convention, he (ieclined serving, and we elect- 
ed brother Valentine of Vanceyville, to fill Ilie vacancy this occasioned ; 
who was written to upon the subject ami urged to accept the a|'|ioint- 
ment, which he declined doing in consequence of numerous engagements 
of a private nature. Since which time we have supplied brethren 
Lineberry, DnPre and others witli books, &c.; who not having furnish- 
ed the Society with a report of tiieir puccess, we are unable to furnish 
any encouras;ing information. You will jierceive, from our inabijjiy to 
procure the services of an efficieul a?ent, that the operations of the Socie- 
ty have been exceedinsjiy limited; nevertheless, we trust much good has 
been accomplished, and leel fuliysatisfied that, by juilicious management, 
the objects of the Society will ultimately succeed. We would recom- 
memi, instead of an agent being ajipointeil for the Society, that the agent 
and missionaries of our Cnnvention be requested to act as colpoiteurs, 
with such instructions and remuneration as, in your wisdom, ynu may 
deem expedient. For a knowledije of the amount ot books received and 
sold during the fiscal year, we refer yon to the rej^oit of the Dep. Agent. 
All of which is respectfully submitted. 

The Society was entertained by exceedingly interesting addresses from 
the following brethren on the subjects contained in the Report, viz . Rev. 
J. B. Taylor of Richmond, Va., S. Wait, J. Roheitson, \l. J. Devin, N'. 
J. Palmer, Lewis DuPre, J. J. James, T. W. Graves, E Holland and J. 
S. Purify. 

Oa motion, tiic Treasurer, J. F. Jordan, read the following repcporl; 

Proceedings of the Publication Society. 33 

Mr. President: — As Agent for the North Carolina Sunday School and 
Publication Society, I beg leave to report, thai I have received books 
from the Am. Baptist Publication Society, to the amount of $221 15. 

Of that amount I have sold for cash, $141 26 

I have books on hand to the amount of 79 89 

$221 15 

I received of one of your Vice Presidents, brother Palmer, on tlie 
25lh ol October last ?8 00. I have paid out for incidental e.vjjenses, 
freight, &c., $8 65. Balance on hand, subject to your order, $140 61 
in money, and S79 89 in book^. 

Kespecttully submitted, 

J. F. JOKDAN, Dep. Agent. 

On motion of Rev. J. B. Taylor, it was Rcsolucd, That our ministering 
brethren throughout the State be earnestly requested to exercise their in- 
fluence in the circulation of such books and tracts as may be procured 
from our depositor)'. 

ReiolveJ, That the churches be cncouniged and urged to form Sunday 
Schools vpithin their respective limits, and to employ every means in 
their power to promote their increase and efficiency. 

On motion of N. J. Palmer, it was Resolved, That the Treasurer be in- 
structed to sellie for the books out of the funds in his hands, and those 
which may be collfcled at this time. 

On motion. Resolved, That the Board of Managers of the Society bo 
instructed to appoint the agent and missionaries of the State Convention 
as Colporteurs. 

On motion, a Committee, consisting of T. B. BarnctI, S. S. Riddle and 
N. J. Palmer, was appointed to nominate a suitable p' rson to if ivcr the 
ne.xt annual address before the Society. They rcjjorted Prof. J. B. White, 
who was aj)proved. 

On motion, it was Resolved, That the Conslitution hs so amended as to 
make it $10 to constitute a life member, and $25 a life diieclor. 

The following brethren were constituted life members, at the instiga- 
tion ot Rev. K. Furman, by the [layment of $10, viz. R. Furmai). VV. 
T. Brocdis, J S. Purify, C. \V. Skinner and N. J. Palmer, who contribu- 
ted ten dollars worth of books in place of ten dollars in money. 

The Committee ajipoinled to j)rocure members of the Soriety reported 
the following, viz : S. S. Biddle, Lewis DuPre, J. J. Finch.f P. F. Pes- 
cud.t E. VVashin-;on,t J B. VVhite.f S. Smilh,t Susan Graham. Sarah 
A. Stone, J. J. Biggs.f J. M. Roberts,! Samuel Wail, James Dennis, W. 
W. Vass.t T. B. Barnett.J. J. James, M. J. Palmer, T. IMeredith and T 
W. Graves. 

The Committee to nominate officers reported the following, which 
were concurred in : 

J. J. Finch, President ; T. B. Barnetl, 1st Vice President ; N.. 3. Palm- 
er. 2d do. ; P. F. Pcscud, Cor. & Rec. Sccietary ; J. F. Jordan., Trear.uier 
and Depository Agent. 


34 Proceedings of the Publication Society. 

Board qf Managers— Q. \V. i>kinner, S. S. Biddle, S. Wail, J. Dennis, 
J. S. Purify, J. J. James. T. Meredith, L. DuPre, W. W. Vass. W. T. 
Brooks am! J. J. Biggs. 

On molion, the Society adjotirncii to meet at early candle light, when 
Rev. J. J.James delivered an eloquent and spirited discourse on the ob- 
jects of the Society, before a large audier.ce; after which a collection was 
taken up amounting to 55 30, and the following additional members ob- 
taiiied, viz: Caroline Flanncr.f Jane Reid.f E. Reid.f J. P. O'Brien, t J. 
G. Barkley, H. K. Ellysc n and Nancy Dean. 

On motion, the Society adjourned to meet again during the session of 
the ne.vt annual Stale Convention. 

JUSrAH J. FINCH. President, 

P. F. PtscxD, Sccrctarij. 

Those marked thus f not paid. 

Procee«liiigs of the N. C Baptist Bible Societ}. 

Raleigh, Oct. 16, 1846. 

The Society met at the Baptist Church at 3 o'clock P. M. The Presi- 
dent, Rev. S. Wait, took the chair and called the meeting to order. 

Prayer by Rev. J. B. Taylor. 

On motion of J. J. Finch, W. T. Brooks, Wm. Jones and J. Solomon, 
were appointed to receive contributions from auxiliaries. The following 
were reported with the delegation anne.xed : 

Bculak Bible Soaety—J. J. James, B. Patillo, T. VV. Graves, N. J, 
Palmer. Raleigh Association— i. Norwood. Bertie Union Meeting — 
Dr. S. J. Wheeler. Flat River Asso.—W. Hester, F. Curing, Wm. Jones. 
T. Meredith, VV. H. Jonian, J. Dennis, L. DuPre, W. VV. Vass, T. B. 
Barnett, VV. Parham. 

N. J. Palmer and T. Meredith were appointed a committee to nominata 
officers and a Board of Managers for the ensuing year. The committee 
rejjorted the following, which were concurred in: 

Rev. J. J. James, President ; Rev. J. J. Finch, Rev. S Wait and J. Kerr, 
Vice Presidents; N. J. Palmer, Cor. Secretary; J. F. Jordan, Rec. Secre- 
tary; J. J. Biggs, Treasurer. 

Board of Managers —J. B. VViiite, VV. T. Brooks, P. F. Pescnd, D. 
S. Williams. Wm. Lineberry. T. Meredith, J. Dennis, W. VV^ Vass, L. 
DuPre, G. VV. Collins, J. S. Puiily. C. Graves, G. VV. Purity, M. B. Koys- 
ter, J. Hudson. 

The Treasurer reported as follows: 

To amount received of the Finance Committee at the last annual meeting 
of the Society, ^181 03 

To amount from the PeeDee Associational Bible Society, 30 00 

" " from Depository Agent, sale of Bibles, 29 35 

" " subscriptions collected, 5 65 

" « from Rev. L. DuPre, 222 15 

By Am't, paid for Bibles and Testaments, 
" " " Rev. R. Jacks, Agent, 
" " •' Rev. T. Meredith for printing Minutes, 
" " forwarded to Parent Society, 
'■■• '• for exchange on draft on N. Y. 
I' " For freight on 2 boxes Bibles, 

Public collections and contributions 

Paid by Mt. Gillead church Female Society, 

Rev. J. Dennis for Cedar Fork Bible Society, 

Cash Subscriptions, 
To an)"t from the Cape Fear Bible Soc. per Mr. J. M. Beasley 

370 30 
J. J. BTGCS. Trra.i. 

S468 23 

,20 00 

50 00 

5 00 

30 00 


3 88 

209 78 

$258 25 

49 35 

5 00 


18 25 

4 00 


35 25 

3<) Proceeduigs of the Bible Society. 

On INIolion, Rev. J. B. Taylor was requested to preacli the annual ser- 
mon in behalf of the Society, in place of Ucv. J. Dennis al)scnt. 

The dollar ami fifty cents received for the Burman Bible, were ordered 
to be forwarded to the Board at Boston. 

On motion, the members of the Union Association present, were invited 
to take seats. 

The Report of the Board of Mangers was called for. Rej'ort recommitted. 

On motion, the Treasurer was instructed to forward so much of the 
funds as he has received from the Agent of the Am. & For. Dil)le Society, 
as were intended for the foreign Fit'ld, to the Board at Richmond. 

On motion of Prof. J. B. White, the article of the Constitution making 
this Society au.viliaiy to the Am. & For. Bible Society was stricl:cn out. 

On motion, the Treasurer was instructed to pay for the Bibles purchased. 

The committee on contributions made the JoUowing rejiort: 

Raleigh A.=sociaiion ?10 35, Benlah do. $10, Flat River do. $2, Bertie 
U. M. $1,T. Meredilh I, S. Wait 1, J. Solomon 1, W. T. Brooks 1. E. 
W. Brooks 1. D. S. Williams 1, C. W. Skinner 1, T. Crocker 1. L. Per- 
ry 1, J. G. Barkley 1, S. L. Q-Brien 1, D. DuPre sen. 1, D. DuPre jr. 1. 
Mary P. White 1. J. McDaniel 1. 

Aitjourncd to meet after the sermon to night. 

9 o'clodc, P. M. 
Society met according to adjournment. $5 were received from Mt. 
Gillead Female Society. 
On motion, adjourned to meet at the call of the President. 

October 2Q, 1846. 

The Society met at the call of the President, in the lecture room of the 
Baptist Church, at 3 o'clock P. M. President in the chair. N. J. Palm- 
er was api)ointed Secretary iiro. tern. 

On mniion, the Treasurer was instructed to pay $5 for printing the min- 
utes, and that tiie balance ol the funds for the Home Department be laid 
out in the purchase of Bihlfs and Teslamenls from the Xm & For. Bible 
Societ}, and that the funds for foreign disliibulion be sent to the Foreign 
Mission Board at Richmond. 

On molioi), it was Resolved, That we will receive no funds from any 
Agent of the Am. & For. Bible Society, alter the end of this year. 

On motion ol N. J. Palmer, Resolved, That the thanks vl this Society, 
and they are hereby tendered to Rev. J. B. Ta> lor for his excellent ser- 
mon delivered before the Society, and that a copy of the same be reques- 
ted tor publication in the Baptist Preacher. 

On motion, it was ordered that the Constitution of tliis Society, and its 
proceedings, be published with the minutes of the Convention at their e.\- 

Rev. T. Meredith wnsappointed to preach the anniversary sermon. 

On motion, adjourned to meet on Fiiday before the 3d Sunday in Oct. 

1847, with the State Convention. 

J. J. JAMES, Pmideni, 
J. F. .TonPAN, Urr. Sec. 



Abbott's Creek 
Bear Creek,* 
Big Ivy, 
Brier Creek, 

Cape Fear, 
Catawba RiY"r, 

Country Line,* 
Fisher's RiVr,* 
Flat River, 

French Broacl, 
Green River, 

Lewis" Fork, 

Little River,* 

Sandy Creek, 

Tar River, 
Three Forks, 
Valley River, 
White Oak,* 



5?. O 


1843 18-29 
1845 1821 









1805 47 
1826 15 

1806 42 


1794 18 



13 10 
23 10 

40 16 
18 9 

1832 12 6 

1829 2012 


1840 21 
1829 16 
1790 14 



4| 284 

3 261 

267 1012 

72| 467 

so' 686 



164 3355 

18, 305 
10 378 6470 

36 1314 

6j 254 
65 2203 

8, 455 
78 1022 

29 1154 

42 763 

21! 589 










169 2796 

155 692 

16 387 

67! 678 

I i 

J. Davis, Abbott's Creek. 
C. Tolson, Burnsville. 
G. W. Purify, Chapel Hill. 
L. Palmer, Ivy P. 0. 
J. Martin, (dec'd 1846) Bri- 
I er Creek. 
H. Lenon, Big Swamp. 
T. Carleton, Perkinsville. 
S. J. Wheeler, Murfreesbo- 
1 rough. 

' Ichabod JNIoore, Saratoga. 
Allen Whitfield. 
S. I. Chandler, Ebenezer. 
H. Steele, Little Yadkin. 
T. B. Barnett, Abrajij'.s 

L. L. Branson, Burnsville. 
J. C. Grayson, Golden 

J. D. Biggs, Williamston. 
R. L. Steele, Harper's Store. 
A. Williams, Reed's Cross 

J. H. Kennedy, Smithlield. 
Wm. Fewell, JVIadison. 
A. B. McMillan, Jefferson. 
A. N. Nicholson. 
S. P. Norris, Holly Spring. 
J. Brevard, Fairview. 
N. Richardson. Temperance 

W. D. Webb, Belford. 
R. Gentry, Jefferson. 
G. F. Caler, Franklin. 
A. J. Battle, Goldsboro. 
E. Hedden, Ga. 
R. Amans, Onslow C. H. 
A. W. Martin. Hampton- 


,\nti Aliss'on.'irv 

List of Baptist Ministers in North Carolina. 

Licentiates are in Italic. 

A Abernalliy, Drawing Creek; G \V Carraman. Kondal's Store ; 

jM J Abernat'uj, L'nicolnlon; J D Chandler, Ixeedsville ; 

Z B Adams, Biier Cieek ; S J Chandler. IMcMurray's Store ; 

W/n F A'lamfi, do.; Stephen Chandler, Roxlioro; 

Jesse Ailams, do. ; E N Chaffin. Farinin^ton; 

Jesee Adams, Sinilhfield ; W ChafSn, Hamplonville; 

Jno Adams, Ha) lield; Jehu Chastain, Fort Embrey; 

Jesse Ammons, Ivy; H Cheek, Fishes' River ; 

Joshua Am.T.ons, Franklin; U'm Chnrch, Church's Store; 

L°vi Andrews, Clovfr Garden ; J Clark, Catawba Spring; 

T Andrews, Ashville ; J B Clifton, Busbee's Store; 

James Armslron'^:, White Oak ; K P Clbud, Mull's Grove; 

James Arrawond. Burnsville; D Cook, Worth's Store ; 

Jordan Ashlriv.Church's Store ; Willis Cog^in, Gulf ; 

WA Atkiiisin, Rolesville; Blount Cooper, Hainilton ; 

Wm Ayers, Whitesville; S DCollins, Whitesville; 

Sipphen Baz-more, Windsor; N P Corn, Flat iiock ; 

J K Barbour, Siriitiifield ; P C Connelly, Dockery's Store; 

^Vm Bass, Greensville; David Cox; 

S Baldwin ; T Craig. CopenIias.en ; 

J B.irrow, Wilmington ; A M Crai^, Britton's Store ; 

JG Bukley, Jackson; Josiah Crudup, Slaunton ; 

A J Battle, Goldsboro ; J Crnlchfield, Emerson's Tanyard 

jM Bennett, Tarhnro; ECrulchfield, Patterson's Store ; 

L B Bennett, Healhville ; W Culbreath ; 

Bfuj Beach, Elksville ; J Q A Drake, Botanic Hill ; 

Wm C Bt^rry, Spartanburg, S C; J N Daniel, Tarboro; 

Wm P Biddle, Nfwbern ; E Davis, Lanesborough ; 

Joseph B;gi;s, WilliaiTiston ; Wm Dent, Warreiiton ; 

James Blvihe. Cathey's Cieek ; Kub^n Deavir, Ivv; 

Luke L Branson, Burnsville ; James Dennis, Hays' Store ; 

Jacob Briniger, Jefferson ; Wm Dewees, Franklin; 

Jno Brooks, jr do ; Wm Dickens, Tarboro ; 

Wm T Brooks, Foiastvillc; Elias Dodson. Yancey villc: 

G L Brown, Whitesville; P W Dowd, Holly Springs ; 

S Brown, Northington ; S Duty, Oxford ; 

Green B/OU*/?, Jonesville ; D Dobbins, Rulherfordton ; 

Daily Bruce, Fairview ; G Douglas, Trap Mill ; 

D Bryant, do ; Thos DnPre, Falkland ; 

James M Bryant, Stocksville; Wm DnPre. Holly Springs; 

Leonard Buchanan, Beaver Creek; Lewis DuPre, Raleigh; 

James Bunn. F'lemington ; Sam'l Dusenberry, Leesvi lie ; 

Wm Burns, Roxboro; Hcndprson Edwards, Belford ; 

JJenj Bynnm, Snowhill; Wm H Edwards, Fiat Rock ; 

S Byrd, Burnsville; David Elder, Franklin ; 

G F Caler, Franklin; JF EHinijton, Smilbfield ; 

J Cantiell, Flat Rock; Joseph Evans, FlaiKock ; 

Thos Carleton, Perkinsvillc; .4 Ft;;/-, Jefleison ; 

Eli Carroll. Jackson Hill ; Jonathan Faw, do ; 

B Carroll, Kenansville ; Jacob Faw, do; 

Joshua Carter, Hamptonvillo ; IM D Freeman, Louisbnrg : 

B II Carter, Rendall's Store : J W FiciMiian, P'airview ; 



R Farthing. Cove Creek; 

G Fennell, Harrell's Store ; 

S Ferguson, Wilksboro; 

J J Fich, lialeigh; 

E Forhes, Shiloh ; 

R Furmaii, Newberi/; 

\Vm Garner, Hantiptonville ; 

Setk Garrett, Franklin ; 

R Gentry, Worlli's Siore ; 

A J Gilbert, Emerson's TanyarJ ; 

!S Gibson, Qiiallatown ; 

Win Goforth, New Hone; 

J Green, Cove Creek; 

L Griffin, Contentnea; 

J Gnffin, Greensville ; 

D Griffin, do; 

J C Grayson, Golden Grove ; 

L Grimsley, Jellerson ; 

P Grimes, Hay Meadow ; 

SG Hamilton; 

J Hall, Franklin ; 

Wm H Hamner, Mocksville ; 

L Hardison ; 

D Harrell, Windsor; 

Wm Harrell ; 

Win H Hardee, Jackson ; 

J Harrison, Hamiitonville ; 

A Harris, Lilepville; 

J Harrison, Foil Defiance ; 

D Hayes. Whitesville; 

W:n Haynes, Waynsville; 

J Haynes, Crablree; 

E Hester, Dutchville; 

Wm L Hartson, Edenton ; 

DHirris, Mill Creek; 

T Henson, Scott's Creek ; 

A Hildebrand, Lincolnton ; 

Wade Hill, Military Gro»e; 

K Hinesly; 

Wm D Holder.'Franklin ; 

Win Hooper, Forestville; 

S Hold ; 

PHadnett, Piltsboro; 

Ezek Holland, Wadesboro, 

Eli Holland, Smilhaeld; 

B Holland, do; 

T Hogwood. Pitch Landing; 

C Howell, Franklin ; 

E Howell, South Quay, Va. ; 

J Howell, Holly Springs; 

S Horn, Hnntsville; 

W Hollinsisworth, Elizahethtown ; 

G W Huffham. Faison's Depot ; 

W Hiidgins, Warreiiton ; 

L' A Hudson, Fairvievv ; 

G IV Hughes, Min\)by ; 

J HimmciU, Forestviiie; 

L Horton, Wakefield ; 

Wm Hyman, Tarboro; 

R Jacks, Jefferson; 

J Jackson. Foiestvilie; 

J J James, Vanceyville ; 

M W Jones, New Leiianon ; 

Wm Jones, Chapel Hill; 

J Jones, Surry C H ; 

C Jones, Jefferson ; 

A Jones, Goldshoro ; 

Wm H Jordan, Williamsboro; 

P Jordan, Elizabeth Cily; 

R Jordan, Calh(^y's Cieek ; 

TB Justice, Ediieysville; 

J H Kennedy, Smilhli<;ld ; 

J Kimsey, Hiwassee; 

A Kinney, Jackson Hill; 

J King, Blue Wiiig; 

'J' King, Halifax Va; 

J King, Hendersonville ; 

A King, Roxboro; 

LKingsburv, Rumford ; 

BTKirby, Beatlie'sFord: 

B Lanier, Mt Lefjanon ; 

H Lennon, Princess Ann ; 

D Lennon, Big Swamp ; 

J Lassiter, Smithlield ; 

/ Lee; 

Wm Lineberry, Lawrence; 

C Livingston, Harper's Store ; 

(; W Lovingood, Muijihy; 

J Lyon, Flat Rock ; 

J McDaniel, Wilmington; 

/F McCall, Wadesboro; 

B Mc Bride, /efferson ; 

L McCurry. Duncan's Creek ; 

Robert McKee, Country Line; 

G W McNeely, Leaksville; 

H McAlpin, Lexington; 

W McNeely, .Mays; 

R McNabb, Kenansviile; 

N Manin, Fayelteville ; 

T Mason, do; 

M Mason, Calhey's Creek ; 

Mark May, /onesville; 

T Meredith, Raleii;h ; 

Wm H Merrill, Chapel Hill; 

J Meares, Bladen C H ; 

E Mecorr.s. Stanhope; 

M L Mizell, Windsor; 

/ M ideal f. Ivy; 

N Mills, Tryon; 

P Miller, Burnsviile; 

Wm Mince, Flat Rock; 

J E Mingas, Qnallatown; 

Z Minor, Fair Grove; 

J Monroe, Mount Pelier; 

/ Montague, Oxford ; 

Ichabod 5loorc, Saratoga ; 



iS Moore, do; 

C iMoore, Gardner's Bridge; 
S Mooie, Tyson's Slore ; 
!S Mor^^an, Slocks ville; 
« P Morton, Albemarle ; 
E Morion, Lilesville; 
D J Moll, Tavboro; 
W E Mull, Franklin; 
/ Murray, Stanlonsbiir?;; 
J Nash Elizabeili City; 
Z NeaL Brown's Store; 
JJ R Newton, Princess Ann ; 
B Nivon, Edenton ; 
A Norden, Fayelleville ; 
A Norman, Biier Creek ; 
N Norwood, Koxbofo; 
/Noweil, Colerain; 
JMNovvell, Eagle Kock ; 
WmE Oakley. Dutchviilc; 
SGO'Bryan, Foieslville; 
P Owen, Cowansville; 
/ R Owen, Lexninton ; 
R P.irdew, Brier Creek ; 
Win 11 P.irdew, ^onesville; 
U P Par/mm, Burnsville; 
D Parks, /acksoa Hill ; 
B Pa-LMt ; 
D Panmli ; 

8 Patrick, Coljmbin ; 
H \V Paiier.<on, M.iiilfon's Cove 
A P.'ariick, Tarhoro; 
J F Pendcrgrass, Franklin ; 
M Peterson , Burnsville; 
P Piiiler, Country Line; 
\V 11 Philpot, Tarhoro; 
D Phillips, Smilhtieid; 
E Piiillii>s, TenriiieranceHill ; 
C M Ph;lli;is, Stocksville; 
JVin Pierce, Windsor ; 
P Pierce, Beltbrd; 
L Pipkin, Avensboro; 
A Ple;isant, Harper's Store ; 
S Pleasant, Roxboro; 
P Powell, HaniptonviUe; 
J Powell, Coneconara; 
H Pressler, Diamond I .ill; 
V Prevat, Fayetteville ; 
J L Piitcliard, Milton; 
J Pritchard, Charlotte; 
J Purify, Northinglon ; 
G W Purify, Chapel Hill ; 
J S Purify, ForestviUe; 
P Puckelt, Jacksonville; 
L J J Puckett ; 
E Ramy, Fisher's River; 
J Ravnes, Franklin ; 
Wm'Kees, Barnsvillc, 
D J Rhea; 

Jas Rhea, Bnrnsville; 
Jesse Rhea, do; 

E Rives, Jefferson ; 


N Richaidson, Temperance Hill : 

\Vm Richards, Walnut Lane; 

M Rickman, Mill River; 

J Robertson, l^eaksville ; 

II Robbiiis; 

J Robertson, Kcnansvillc; 

J Robertson, Leaksk'ille; 

J Rogers, Sampson C H ; 

J Ross, Windsor; 

S Ross, Grayson, Va ; 

T J Rollins, Spartenburg, S C ; 

J Rowan, Lexington; 

J Runnicn, Ivy ; 

Wm M Rushing, Melfonsville ; 

A Sadbury, Onslow C H; 

L Sanderlin, Shiloh ; 

J) Sander /in, Jonesboro; 

J H Sasser, Smithfield; 

N Senter, Jeflerson; 

S Sentcr, Holly Spring; 

A Shall nek, Temperance Hill ; 

J Silver, Reaver Creek ; 

JIM Sloop; 

J Smith,, Greensville ; 

Josiah Sinilh ; 

SP Smith, Wilksboro; 

P Snilh, Kinderhook; 

S Snjder, Greensville; 

Iv SIneevps, vVentworlh; 

C Sparks, Brier Creek ; 

1Vt7i Solomon, Albemarle ; 
H Speioht, Miiiclin Swamp; 
H Spivey, Louisbuig; 
J Stadh r, Anderson's Store; 
H Steele, Lit lie Yadkin; 
Illratn SlallinKs, H-llsviile ; 
J Stevenson, Raleigh; 
A B Stevens, Leesville ; 
S Stone, Albemarle ; 
Isham Sirne, Lumberton ; 
S D Swain, Jonesville; 
T Slradly, Ashville; 
A Swrin, Jiimestown; 
B Slides, Jamcsville ; 
Wm Svvanson, Duncan's Creek; 
H Swinson, Snow Hill ; 
J Snckatowie, Franklin ; 
S Talnm, Elizabeth City; 
N Taylor, Greenville ; 

B Temple, Raleigh ; 
STerrill, Eajle Rock; 
N H Tindall, Wnglii's Folly ; 
JC' Taylor, Content nea ; 
N 'I'hompson, Yadkin; 
G M Thompson, Muirrepsboro ; 
Q H Trolrnan, Mirtonsville; 
\Vm Turner, Lexington ; 
O Turner, Lnmberton ; 
tr Titfisei/, Lexington ,• 
J) Umstead, Re<! ^lounlain : 
7' .1 J'ahn/liic, Yani'cyviUe; 
J \'d int'\, Hjrpci'j Stoie; 



T Waff, Edenfon ; 

S Waif, Foreitville ; 

J Wallace. Washington ; 

G VV Wallace, KenansviUe,- 

A Wamble, Ennerson's Tanyard ,■ 

B Ward ; 

P Ward, JonesviJIe ; 

J L Warren, Long Creek Bridge , 

T Weaver, Chapel Hill; 

J M Webb, RutherforJton .- 

W Wells, Roxboro ,■ 

R Welborn, Jonesville; 

I W West, Warsaw ; 

S Wilder, Eagle Rock ,■ 

J Wilder, Anderson's Store ; 

L F Williams, Clinton ,- 

D S Williams, Fayelteville , 

A Williams, Reed's Cross Roads ; 

Win Wilson, Marley's Mills ; 

J Wilson, Sanopson ; 

T Wilca.v, Balford ,• 

E Wicker, Powel's Point; 

J Wilkie. Franklin ; 

W Wilkie; 

B Willis, Vaiiceyville ,- 

J Wilcoxson, Jefferson ; 

J Wilkinson, Norwood ; 

J B White, Forestville ; 

J Wheeler, Burnsville; 

Wm White. Ballard's Bridge; 

H While, Windsor; 

Wm While, do; 

H J White. St. John's ;• 

Wm Whitaker, Williamslon ; 

J G Woodall, Smithfield; 

H Woodard, Lumberton ; 

J Woodard ; 

T Wright, Brier Creek; 

M Wright ; 

Isaac Wright. 




Article 1. This Institution shall be called the Baptist Slate Conveu- 
tioii of North Carolino. 

Art. 2. The primary objects o! tlie Convention shall be, the education 
of young men called oi God to the Ministry, and approved by the church- 
es to which they belong ; the employment of Missionaries within the lim- 
its of this Stale ; and a co-opperation with the Southern Baptist Convention 
ia the promotion of Missions in general. 

Art. 3. The Convention shall be composed of such individuals and of 
delegates fiom such bodies as shall contribute the sum of ten dollars whe- 
ther the same be contributed to the general Treasury* or to the particular 
Boards hereafter to be constituted — which sum or sums shall be appro- 
priated agreeably to the sjiecitic intentions of the donors. 

Art. 4. The officers of this Convention, to be elected annually, shall be 
a President, three Vice Presidents, a Secretary, Treasurer and Auditor. — 
The President, and in case of bis absence, the Vice President according to 
seniority, shall preside at all meetings of the Convention. The Secretary 
shall correspond with such Societies and individuals, and preserve a faith- 
ful record of the proceedings of the bod}-. The Tieasuier shall keep a 
correct account of all moneys, hold the same subject to the order of the 
Convention, make annual reports and give security for the faithful dis- 
cbarge of his duty. The Auditor shall carefully examine every report 
gubmilted by the Treasurer, compare the same with his books and report 
on the same. 

Art. 5. The Convention shall elect annually three Boards to be de- 
nominated, the Education Board, the Home Mission Board and the Forei<;u 
Mission Board, and to be located at such places as the Convention shall, 
from tin)e to time, direct. 

Art. 6. Each Board shall consist of fifteen members; elect its own of- 
ficers; prescribe their duties; appoint its own agencies; fill vacancies 
which occur during the recess of the Convention; hold quarterly and 
such other meetings at such times and places as may be thought best ; 
keep a record of its proceedings; make such compen.sations to its officers 
and agents as shall be thought proper; have the entire management of 
the objects respectively submitted to them, subject, however, to the consti- 
tution of the Convention, and to such by-laws, or instruction as this body 
shall, from time to lime, enact or give; and present annual jeports of all 
their doings at the regular meetings of this body. 

Art. 7. The Treasurer of each Board shall faithfully account for all 
moneys received and disbursed by him, make a report of the names to 
this body, which report shall be duly examined by the Auditor of the 

Art. 8. The Convention shall hold its meetings at such times and places 
as it shall direct. 

* By "General Treasury," is meant that held liy the Treasurer cf the 
Convention, m distinclion frcmi thai of each sejaratc Board. 



N. C. Baptist State Convention. 

1. Every meelino; for business shall be opened and closed bj' prayer, 
either by the presiding otiicer, or some one whom he shall appoint. 

2. Every speaker shall arise and address the President, on any subject 
to be discussed. 

3. No motion shall be debated unless seconded; and no member shall 
speak more than twice on the same motion, without special leave of the 

4. The President shall be chosen by ballot. The other officers in any 
way the Convention may direct, but not necessarily from among the 

5. Every question shall be decided by the living voice, unless otherwise 

6. During the hours of business, all private conversation, walking a- 
cross, or out of the house, without permission of the President first ob- 
tained, shall be deemed a breach of order. 

7. The names of members shall be called each day, previous to pro- 
ceeding to business. 

8. All resolutious shall be reduced to writing, signed by the mover and 
handed to the chair or Secretary before debated. 

9. When a question is under debate, no motion shall be received but 
to adjourn, to postpone indefinitely, to commit, to lay on Ihe fable, or to 
amend ; which several motions shall have precedence in the order in 
which they are arranged. But no motion or proposition on a subject dif- 
ferent from that under consideration, shall be admitted under colour of a- 

10. When a motion has been once made, and carried in the affirmative 
or negative, it shall be in order for any member who voted in the majoii- 
ty to move for re-consideralion thereof on the same day. 

11. When the reading of a paper is called for, and is objected to by any 
member, it shall be determix-jed by a vote of the Convention. 

12. No member shall absent himself from the service of the Conven- 
tion, unless he have leave, or be sick and unable to attend. 

13. All questions, e.vcept such as relate to the Constitution, shall be 
decided by a majority of votes. 

14. Should the presiding officer fail to enforce the foregoing regulations, 
he shall be regarded as untrue to his trust, and shall be liable to Le re- 
minded of his duty by any member present. 

Coustitiitioii ol the N. C Bible Society. 

AuTicLL 1. This Institution shall be denominated the North Carolina 
Ejble Society. 

Art. 2. The object of tliis Society shall be, to promote a wider circula- 
tion of the Scriptures in the most faithful versions that can be pro- 

Art. 3. The members of this institution shall consist of sucli persons as 
shall contribute annually fo its funds. 

Art. -1. The olBcers shall be a President, two Vice Presidents, a Corres- 
ponding and a Recording Secretary, and a 'I'reasurer, to whom shall be ad- 
ded a Board of IS managers — all of whom shall be elected annually. 

Art. 6. It shall be incumbent on the ofKcers to perform the services ap- 
propriately belonging to their respective stations. 

Art. 6. It shall be the duty of the Board of Managers, five of whom 
shall form a quorum, to transact all business demanding attention, during 
the intervals of the Society's meetings. 

Art. 7. The annual meeting of this Society shall beheld at the same 
place and on the same week, with the annual meetings of the Convention 
of this State. 

Art. S. The foregoing Constitution shall be subject to amendment by a 
vote of two-third;-; whenever exepedicncy shall dictate. 

Errata.— In the 7th Line from the bottom, page 13, in the Report oi 
the Board of the Convention, for their read the. In the last line on the 
16th page, same report, the word Prophetic should be omitted. On the 
19th page, near the naiddle, same report, for gratify, read qualify.